What about the lithium battery charging management chip LTH7?

APR 16, 2019   Pageview:51

LTH7 (model: PL4054) is a complete single section lithium ion batteries using constant current/constant voltage linear charger. The SOT package with less number of external components makes PL4054 ideal for portable applications.


PL4054 can fit the USB power supply and adapter power supply work with internal PMOSFET architecture, combined with the charging way, so don't need external testing resistor isolation diodes. Thermal feedback can be adjusted to the charging current, so that in high power or high ambient temperature under the condition of chip temperature limit. Fixed at 4.2 V, charging voltage and charging current through a resistor to external Settings when the charging current after reaching the final float charging voltage to set data after 1/10 when PL4054 will automatically terminate charging cycles when the input voltage (ac adapter or USB power supply) is removed, the PL4054 automatically entered into a low current state, will be the battery leakage current dropped to under 2 UA. Also can put PL4054 downtime type to 45 UA and has reduced the power supply current.PL4054 other features including charging current monitor, under voltage lockout, automatic recharge and one for the end of charging and the input voltage access the state of the pin.

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