Will a charger explode on subway?

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Charger explosion accident has happened on subway.

The Suggestions of Guangzhou metro, accurately is not disabled. According to Ye Zichuan, director of the propaganda department of Guangzhou metro company, charging passengers to carry treasure can also, but must first ensure that the mobile power supply is normal product quality assurance, and make the basic protection and protection, try not to use in the process of metro operation charging treasure recharged.

Related departments to use charging treasure no provisions on the subway, Guangzhou metro's advice is still just do not have mandatory prohibitive. Suggested that more is to ensure the safety of the subway passengers as a starting point, to prevent dangerous accidents.

Science and technology are not afraid to ask: why or explosive charging treasure on the subway

In may this year, Shenzhen line 4 a subway train tail found that smoke, emergency evacuation passengers. After fire detect, as passengers carrying mobile power supply. Although accident caused no casualties, but also enough to cause people to the attention of the mobile power supply is safe in the subway. Mobile power supply using the risk of explosion, once the mobile power on the subway accident, has a wide scope, high Numbers. This is Guangzhou metro to discourage charging passengers using the main reason for the treasure.

As early as last year, the plane of the compliance of energy charge treasure to say no, is currently the only one to carry charging treasure to make provision of public transport. Airline passenger, charging treasure that need to be in accordance with the civil aviation administration issued 2011 civil aviation passengers carrying luggage the lithium battery provisions of customs formalities, the implementation of the standard is charging treasure of their rated power (watts hours), less than 100 watt hours can be boarding; Rated power from 100 to 100 watt hour charging treasure, boarding to be agreed by the airlines; More than 160 watt hour does not allow boarding.

Unsafe factors in the mobile power supply

Charging treasure structure mainly consists of three parts: shell, batteries, and circuit board.

Consumers are more familiar is the shell of charging treasure, shell in addition to beautiful, more in need of "power". Power on the strength and heat resistance. Strength can strongly in the accidental collision, fall against internal circuit board and batteries. Heat resistance is embodied in the spontaneous combustion, such as accident when charging treasure inside to have certain flame retardant effect, reduce accident caused by the damage. A rough classification, charging treasure shell on the market mainly divides into two kinds of plastic and metal material. Compared with metal case more advantages in terms of strength and heat resistance.

Crucial part of the batteries is charging treasure, its material has a direct influence to the security of mobile power supply, good batteries can use a long time, also relatively safe. At present, the mainstream of mobile power products, our common batteries are mainly 18650 and polymer, viewed from the outside, 18650 for cylinder, like a number five battery a larger version of, while polymer batteries are generally flat. On the material form, 18650 USES a liquid electrolyte, polymer is using solid polymer electrolyte (can be as dry as colloidal).

The Numbers "18650" 18650 batteries, on behalf of the surface scale, 18 refers to the cell diameter of 18.0 mm, height 65.0 mm 650 refers to the battery. Batteries usually have three, import, domestic, and secondary batteries. Imports mainly foreign big manufacturers such as Sanyo, Samsung, etc. and the production of high quality batteries. Domestic 18650 batteries are mainly domestic brand manufacturers of batteries, the overall level and abroad have a certain gap. Second-hand telecom and dismantle mechanical and electrical core, it is to point to from past down to reassemble the old products, this kind of batteries is in recent years, many mobile power explosion and combustion of the culprit.

Because 18650 batteries cost price is low, many mobile power supply manufacturer USES 18650 batteries, some spell at a low price in order to cut costs, even the poor 18650 batteries.18650 batteries inside to liquid electrolyte, with this kind of batteries, mobile power in charging state can lead to internal voltage rise sharply, once the overcharge, overheating could cause a short-circuit, burning, and so on and so forth; If there are any vibration, impact, it is easy to cause the electrolyte leakage, corrosion circuit board, result in accidents.

Cobalt acid lithium polymer batteries commonly used, manganese acid lithium, as well as the ternary mixture of lithium, it is also afraid of leakage and short circuit. But in 18650, its security is relatively better. Large capacity mobile power supply, such as more than 8000 mAh, if it is of more than 18650 batteries in parallel, once the explosion consequences, basic won't explode and polymer batteries, serious can produce flame.

The main functions of the circuit board is in the process of input and output to control of voltage, current, also can realize other functions, such as lighting, power display. Good circuit board can improve the conversion rate, reduce the resistance to the influence of charging, charging treasure to maximize performance. Excellent circuit design can protect the batteries and reduce the loss and fever, maximum guarantee batteries energy is converted to the output, as well as regulated the role of the steady flow. Good circuit board, can automatically adjust when the power excessive charging or discharging, automatically shut down after the electricity charge function, can protect the safety devices such as mobile phone charge.

The choose and buy a good mobile power supply security

Whether you're in the subway or in his own room, use inferior mobile power supply will be catastrophic consequences. In order to ensure the security of themselves and the lives of others, the choose and buy a good mobile power supply is very important.

From a security point of view, the author advice for consumers choose and buy mobile power supply is:

1. To buy the product quality and enterprise prestige manufacturer of mobile power supply, do not penny cheap to buy cheap and shoddy products. Batteries, circuit board has a certain fixed cost, the higher the quality of batteries, the manufacturer's purchase cost is higher, the price will naturally more expensive than poor quality. More awareness of mobile power supply, the product quality could be better, after-sales service is more in place.

2. Mobile power supply best choice using polymer batteries. Polymer batteries output efficiency is relatively stable, also has light weight, safe and efficient characteristics.

3. Consider the shell and beautiful at the same time, pay attention to consider the shell strength and heat resistance.

4. Don't blindly covet the high conversion rate. Mobile power conversion rate is very important, if the conversion rate is too low, it shows that mobile power line loss will be very big, may be fever, even with explosion danger. Said the conversion rate is as high as 90%, but the advertisement that will alert, because now already very good conversion rate is around 85%.

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