Lithium battery life of children's smartwatch becomes a bottleneck

May 25, 2019   Pageview:69

With the rise of the concept of wearable devices, more and more wearable devices have emerged on the market, such as smart watches and smart glasses. The appearance of these devices has caused us to lament the daily evolution and rapid development of science and technology. At the same time, it has also made us feel the bottleneck of wearable devices and the short life span. The author has evaluated 10 smart watches applied to children's safety. Everyone's performance is not the same, there is a short duration of endurance, but also a long duration of endurance.

Before we do this, let's look at the concept of battery life time, which is the time that an electronic product can keep running without an external power adapter. Because the size of the smart watch is small, it also limits the size of the battery it uses. It is known that the size of the battery is proportional to the volume, and the smaller the volume, the lower the capacity of the battery, the shorter the duration, and the larger the size. The larger the battery capacity, the longer the battery life. So, for smart watches, battery life is a bottleneck, so is there a product that can bring longer life in a smaller battery?

We have evaluated 10 children's smart watches(children's remote monitoring watches). Most watches can only be used for normal standby time of about 2 days, or even 1 day, which will cause some problems for consumers. Because most of these watches are used by children in the family, it is inconvenient to remove and charge them every day. However, it is gratifying that the development of Shenzhen Taibitt Technology Co., Ltd.'s Kaimi Children's Smart Watch has brought a long lead in life and can reach 5 days. In terms of volume, the size of this watch is not much different from that of other watches, which means that the capacity of the battery used in the microphone is about the same size as that of other parts of the market. In the same capacity, it has achieved longer life. It shows that the manufacturer has worked hard on the time of endurance, studied it deeply, and achieved a better balance between application function and endurance time.

Analysis of the current children's smartwatch(children's remote monitoring watch) batteries are basically using lithium battery technology, but there is not much technical breakthrough in the lithium battery field at this stage, the battery life of longer means that the volume increases, and as a smart watch, The size is already very limited, so battery life time has become a bottleneck, who can bring longer life in a limited volume, who can become the market leader.

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