In the future, lithium iron phosphate may be used instead of lead acid to start the power supply

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In order to further promote the sustainable and healthy development of lithium industry and power battery industry, "2018 China (qinghai) lithium industry and power battery international summit BBS" hosted by qinghai provincial people's government, ministry of industry and information technology, ministry of science and technology and China electric vehicle hundred people's meeting was held in xining, qinghai province on June 27, 2018.

This BBS focuses on the coordinated development of the industry, and mainly discusses the cutting-edge technology of global power battery; Power battery industry policy; Application fields of different technical routes for power batteries; Collaborative development of power battery industry chain; Market demand analysis of power battery; The global competition pattern of power batteries and the international layout of enterprises; Deep cooperation and coordinated development between upstream material and power battery enterprises and policy enterprises; Establish the orderly and coordinated development of the power battery industry.

Gao yuan, President of Peking University advanced science and technology industry co., LTD., delivered a keynote speech on behalf of the world-renowned lithium material enterprise in qinghai. Part of the speech was as follows:

The organizer hopes that I can talk about the coordinated development of the industrial chain and put forward some policy Suggestions. Here I will first talk about some of my concerns and Suggestions.

The rapid development of electric vehicles in China, for example, will reach 7 million vehicles and 500GWh by 2025. With the rapid development, the whole upstream and downstream industrial chain, from lithium and cobalt to core materials, components, battery cells and complete vehicles, has a different response speed. Take lithium as an example. For example, in the lithium lake in South America, the success rate in the past 20 years is 10% or 20%. As we all know, lithium lake has low cost and is very good. So from the downstream we can build a plant in, say, a year or two, and the upstream response time is more than five years, and a lot of investment.

The difference is like driving a car and driving a ship, driving a car we know to turn left, to turn left, the car immediately turn left. I'm going to take a left turn, I'm going to take a left turn rudder, and this boat is going to go on for half a day, but when it gets to 10 degrees, 20 degrees, the rudder comes right back, and when it gets to 90 degrees the boat is going to go back, and it's going to turn around. I here a concern, is also a suggestion, in the upper reaches of the downstream reaction speed is slow, not very coordinated, our business of the government's policy need we like a sail, don't like drive a car, have to be very proactive, when 350 m see there is a rock in front to slow down into it, when you turn left rudder only play the rudder to be forward-looking and stability, to drive a car is not the same, otherwise we might not harmonious and circles.

Next I will talk about our Beijing university first positive basis. This picture you can see, we are now a few large cathode material, the best energy density can reach our ministry said 300 KWH/kg, more than it we will be more than the existing material basis, there has been some positive electrode material, as the chart shows, in the red line above, but these are disposable batteries, turn it into a rechargeable is short of. Why do we have this constraint? Because we use lithium ion batteries, all lithium comes from the positive electrode, and although we hear a lot about the positive electrode materials, we can't do without three, one is a layered structure, like lithium cobalt oxide, and one is spinel lithium manganate, and one is peridot for lithium iron phosphate. , of course, we still have some work to do in this respect, the picture on the left is the three elements, on the one hand, we are all familiar with, to high nickel this direction, when change less cobalt, nickel and its discharge voltage will be lower, the same will we take out the charging voltage lithium is more, it will improve the energy density, the problems at the same time, we know is a layered structure, if take out more than 90% of lithium, the whole structure will collapse, but also heat release oxygen, a lot of security considerations. On the right is lithium cobalt oxide, which is now at 4.45v and is moving towards 4.5v, which I personally think is the limit.

The image below, which may be seen before, the yellow area is lithium ion battery, the X axis is right the energy density, energy density in order to break through the constraint, we also hear a lot of solid-state batteries and metal air, most the right side is the metal air, in fact, I personally think that such as lithium metal air empty actually is a kind of fuel cells, but the hydrogen into a lithium. There are two problems. First, it is very difficult to make it reversible. Of course, there will be thousands of scientists in the future who will make breakthroughs beyond our imagination. Second, like a fuel cell, make it big current or current big and small is difficult, it is a stable current, as everybody knows, Toyota's fuel-cell cars, it actually has a lithium-ion battery, the fuel cell is a small power plant, the stability of the power, but when you need to use a high power, the electricity from the battery, when you don't need the energy, the power plant, you can't give it off, continue to small current power generation there. So this lithium void, even if it succeeds in the future, is a fuel cell, which of course may take a long time. From right to left, we may be able to break through in the short or medium term

It's a solid-state battery, and solid-state batteries use lithium as the negative electrode, which increases the energy density. As we all know, there are still some problems in the conductivity of solid electrolyte at room temperature, since the conductivity is not high, the current cannot be too high, so I personally think, of course, some breakthroughs are needed, even after the breakthrough, it may need some devices with large current and high power to do some matching.

With high voltage cobalt acid lithium as an example to demonstrate our north leading scientific research ability, we put this to a certain extent, and rate of e-sports (sound) and reverse projection transformation analysis of the situation, we see a super crystal, the detection means only under the best detection means in the world to see, when under the condition of high voltage have an effect on the stability of the crystal, I am here to show off our detection capability.

Here is an expert in power battery, more concerned about the three elements, three elements of the biggest challenges, thermal stability and security, when high nickel and cycle life, cycle life decay are the main factors, is the crystal cracks between the more and more, this figure show deep cycle for a long time when you do when you see a black line cracks is more and more in the middle.

Our solution, our Peking University first a feature, is that we developed a single crystal of the ternary material, single crystal because the interface is relatively few, in the long cycle time has a cycle life advantage.

Our lithium iron phosphate, because itself is not conductive lithium iron phosphate, so you need to surface coating a graphitized carbon, if not the graphitization pack a lot of the conductivity of the carbon increased the weight it is not necessarily can increase how much, in this respect here allow me to show off our products have low temperature to high rate discharge of products, the future of the start-stop power or just use lithium iron phosphate instead of lead-acid start power supply, 12 v startup power source, the WenKuan high-power discharge under low temperature, especially now the price of lithium carbonate, lithium iron phosphate reduction of costs, I think can completely replace lead-acid batteries with lithium iron phosphate lithium ion battery, And the lead acid battery to our human biggest threat is the threat of environmental protection, especially after the use of the battery is not recycled, or people because it is very cheap so casually thrown into the ditch, if lithium battery replacement to our environmental protection major threat, a time bomb is eliminated by us.

Xining is our largest production base of the anode materials and the diaphragm, golmud went west to fly here for half an hour, and then headed west, three hours to dongtai JiNaiEr lake lithium resources development where we do, we have a shandong the positive materials of the consumer electronics factory, we have built in liyang, this is our new factory, liyang diaphragm factory has finished the installation, we start tomorrow boot debugging, we have a diaphragm factory in xining, the two factories are built completely reached capacity, production reached 1 billion square meters of diaphragm, the second half of this year we start production first to reach 200 million square meters of production.

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