Global Development of Lithium Battery Industry

May 15, 2019   Pageview:54

Over the years The lithium battery The momentum of development is more and more fierce, both in China and the world, revealed a whirlwind, lithium we know before The battery In China's development situation, today we are going to analyze the lithium battery industry in the development of the global situation.

1, the north American market: lithium-ion batteries will be fully bloom in various fields, its biggest gains in the field of household and industrial, in the car Power lithium battery Applications, no advantage;

2, the European market: the main tendency in industrial applications; But Germany and Switzerland is considered to be one of the energy storage and battery research and development center. Due to the auto industry is relatively developed, Germany more inclined to automotive lithium-ion batteries.

3, the Asia-pacific market, is still the fastest-growing region over the next three years. China, Japan and South Korea Lithium ion batteries Production has accounted for 85% of the world's - 90%.Among them, China has the world's largest lithium ion battery manufacturers, more than 200 production of household batteries, 30-40 production vehicle batteries. The Chinese government is actively promoting electric vehicles, power grid energy storage and smart grid. Many American battery manufacturers went bankrupt, is Chinese companies snapping up.

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