How to create a lithium battery

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1.Method a, pulping with special solvents and bonding agent and powder are respectively the cathode active material to mix, after high speed stirring evenly, made into slurry is the cathode material.

2. Method 2, the coating will be made of pulp evenly coated on the surface of metal foil, drying, respectively is negative pole piece.

3.Method 3, assembly according to the positive plate, diaphragm, the cathode piece - diaphragm top-down order have been placed through winding battery core, and then through injecting electrolyte, such as sealing process, namely complete battery assembly process, to make battery products.

4.Method four, to use dedicated to charge and discharge test of battery products, battery charging and discharging equipment of each battery only for testing, select qualified battery products, to the factory.

The lithium battery(Lithium battery) refers to the electrochemical system containing lithium (including metal lithium, lithium metal and lithium ion, lithium polymer) batteries. Lithium battery can be roughly divided into two categories: battery and lithium metal Lithium ion batteries. Lithium batteries are usually not to charge, and containing lithium metal state .Lithium ion battery does not contain lithium metal state, and can be recharged.

Lithium battery is a kind of lithium metal or lithium alloy anode materials, the use of water battery electrolyte solution, the first lithium batteries from the great inventor Thomas Edison, use the following response: Li + MnO2 = LiMnO2 ( for the REDOX reaction, the reaction of discharge due to the lithium chemistry is very lively, makes the lithium metal processing, storage, use and require very high to the environment. So, the lithium battery has not been applied for a long time. The lithium battery has now become the mainstream.

Lithium battery is very strict, complex technology, here only a brief introduction of several main processes:

I told you to system:

1, your calculation is wrong, only 3.7 100 v1ah battery, combined into 48 v battery pack, only 7 ah, need 91 batteries only.

2, you must consider 91 battery voltage, capacity and internal resistance of consistency, poor capacity of < 1%, the voltage difference < 5 milli volts, internal resistance is poor < 2 milliohm, otherwise, the battery is easy to premature aging and discarded.

3, protective plate is the key to control the battery pack and scope of single battery voltage, charge and discharge current, ensure equalization charging and discharging.

4, the controller only control the total voltage and current.

Better to buy if you want to homemade battery pack Lithium iron phosphate batteries With 3 ah 26650 series 7 and can implement 48 v20ah, then buy 16 series iron lithium protection board, control current normal 6 a, 12 a, 18 a moment is ok.26650 battery Only 24 Yuan, 160 Yuan protection plate, need about 2848 Yuan, and the charger need 50 Yuan, it is ok to assemble it. Lithium iron phosphate battery is the safest, most cycling times of lithium battery.

The difference between the lithium battery and common battery can be roughly from material and energy conversion characteristic analysis:

1, the lithium battery is cobalt acid lithium rechargeable battery as the main raw materials..It is characterized by high energy conversion, each battery high voltage, large capacity (equal volume).Volume light, battery, no memory, is the most environmentally friendly batteries.

But the price is more expensive relative to other batteries., combined with energy is large, when use, generally do not do very large capacity battery, has certain risk burst into flames. Rationalization of course with the development of technology, protection circuit, now cars have been using lithium battery.

2, the common battery is lead-acid batteries, it is mainly lead plate as the main body of the cell. This type of battery is big, bulky, and memory. Battery. Lead pollution is serious. But cheap, can make the large capacity battery high voltage combination.

Mostly used in automobile ignition battery, computer backup power., of course, also have the danger of fire, the current state in the control of small enterprises to produce this kind of batteries, to prevent pollution.

Lithium battery is a kind of lithium metal or lithium alloy anode materials, the use of water battery electrolyte solution, invented by Edison.

Battery using reaction equations as follows: Li + MnO2 = LiMnO2

The reaction for the REDOX reaction and discharge. In the past, because the chemical nature very lively, lithium metal for the processing, storage, use and the environmental requirement is very high, so the lithium battery has not been applied for a long time.

With the development of modern science and lithium battery has now become the mainstream. On February 22, 2016, the international civil aviation organization announced a ban on lithium batteries of the baggage.

In order to develop more excellent performance of varieties, people of various materials were studied. To create an unprecedented products. For example, lithium sulfur dioxide battery and lithium thiony chloride battery is very characteristic. Their positive active material and electrolyte solvent. This structure only in non-aqueous solution of electrochemical system.

Therefore, the research of lithium-ion batteries, also promoted the development of a non-aqueous system electrochemical theory. In addition, to use a variety of non aqueous solvents, people also has carried on the research of polymer film battery.

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