Sichuan road and bridge or participated in building lithium battery project in 440 million Yuan

May 15, 2019   Pageview:67

Sichuan road and bridge on May 9th evening announcement, the company plans to jointly establish a project company, the construction of "10000 tons/year Lithium electricity Three Yuan positive electrode materials and precursor project "20000 tons/year battery anode materials, construction of about 2 years, is expected to begin in 2020.Project company proposed registered capital of 800 million Yuan, the first investment of 500 million Yuan, subscribed investment company. 4.Funded by 400 million Yuan, the first 2.7.5 billion, a 55% stake.

Company said, the company continued to consolidate the main advantage of premise, around the main resources of diversified development, after successively invested in highway operating projects, water and electricity energy and mineral resources investment projects. The lithium electricity company investment projects, mainly based on the new energy materials industry good development prospect in the future, in line with national policy and industry orientation, also accord with the strategic direction of company resources, conducive to the sustainable development of the company. The investment amount is smaller, for the company's main business, financial position and operating results will not have a significant impact.

Sichuan road and bridge the same day, the company in April this year before the total bid amount of about 351.3.4 billion Yuan, the PPP project accumulative total investment of about 61.8.3 billion Yuan.

A quarterly results according to the company, the company in 2018 from January to march revenue 49.300 million Yuan, year-on-year growth of 19.0%;Belonging to shareholders of listed companies net profit 1.200 million Yuan, rose 25.6%;Deducting non-recurring gains and losses attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 1.100 million Yuan, rose 28.8%;EPS0.0318 Yuan.

Ever bright securities analysis thinks, during the reporting period has increased 3 new signing a contract .Nine times, 2 in hand orders the construction scale of the previous year income. Eight times, during the reporting period the company to achieve new signing contracts reached 297.100 million Yuan, increased 399% year-on-year. New sign growth based on high base to further accelerate, shows that the company has officially opened a third round of the construction peak, strong order reserve is expected to form a powerful guarantee future performance. We estimate by the end of 2017 the company in the order of about 48.2 billion Yuan; Superposition of 18 q1 new orders in hand orders is expected to exceed 70 billion Yuan, after 17 years of the total 2.Business income of 2 1 times and engineering construction. Eight times. At present the company in order for the best level in history, the certainty of strong revenue and earnings growth in the future. In addition, in recent years, the boom of highway investment is higher, compared with 22 "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" transport investment in Sichuan province.6%, the PPP mode boost infrastructure blowout in southwest China, the company as its core infrastructure platform, cast iron group summit has already started the third round of construction, new signing contract surged nearly two years, overseas mining goes well, company is a leading local infrastructure, earnings growth in line with expectations low valuation at the same time, higher margin of safety.

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