Reasons why BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and Apple favored Ningde

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Ningde Times (CATL), known as Ningde Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., is the best power battery market in China. Nevertheless, you can never imagine that it took less than six years for Ningde to become an independent power battery manufacturer, from the registration in 2011 to the dismantling of the power battery business of parent company ATL (New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.) by the end of 2012.

Less than six years time, the era of ningde by leaps and bounds, the market valuation of more than 84 billion, will not push. Use Newton's words "the success of ningde, because it is standing on the shoulders of giants".

Starters have appetite, the following are food!

BMW support assists

At the beginning of its establishment ningde era in the field of power battery is a blank sheet of paper really brought it into the door, make its fame is cooperating with BMW. In 2012, brilliance BMW brilliance with CATL decision of new energy vehicles in the planning of the BMW brand and product, 1 e high voltage battery project to cooperate hand in hand.

Through this cooperation, ningde age become BMW group in the greater China region only a battery supplier. Has thus become the first domestic success into international auto enterprises supplier system power battery enterprise, ningde international marketing plan formally rolled out of The Times.

Why BMW will choose the ningde sheet that time, the industry has always been full of doubt. But every choice is there for a reason, BMW will not make the wrong choice. Not only that, the fact proved that BMW choice is very correct.

First of all, batteries, very skillful. Ningde era, the parent of ATL (new energy technology co., LTD.), is the main supplier of apple's digital batteries, illustrates its monomer batteries is very stable.

Second, the hay. Before this big partners for BMW, one of the founders of ningde era, the company President shi-lin Huang had already accumulated many experiences in terms of power battery.

In 2004, shi-lin Huang to participate in a Guangdong project subject to tender "automotive power type Lithium ion batteries System development and industrialization "and a complete success. In 2008, he lead the team successfully developed with independent intellectual property rights of power battery management system (BMS), and applied to the company all of the electric vehicle and energy storage projects. At the end of 2011, determined to do the research and development, design and production of power battery. And gesture to put very low, as long as the vehicle companies willing to cooperate, give them to provide samples and design.

So, Rome is not build in a day, Rome was not built in a day, success is not just of ningde era.

Get the BMW after the big customer, ningde times and pressure - this is not only a big BOSS, but also the era of ningde first single power battery business, only ready, can stand firm footing in the industry. So when BMW offers more than 800 pages, the German standard of power battery production, ningde era to resist pressure, in a high level of brilliance BMW engineers with the help of finally produced brilliance BMW required battery, also won the recognition of BMW.

Through this cooperation, like in the ningde times "devil training" in general, quality improved its technology level.BMW brand itself is the best publicity, which began after the first world war, the official start of the era of ningde chiefly in the field of power battery.

Baic, Daimler teamed up with blessings

On July 5, Beijing auto group and Daimler signed a new framework agreement. Establishing production base of pure electric vehicles in Beijing Benz and power battery factory, the introduction of the Mercedes-benz brand pure electric vehicle products. Said that both sides will jointly invest 5 billion Yuan (655 million Euros), in establishing production base of pure electric vehicles and power battery factory in China, domestic batteries manufacturing power battery.

The era of ningde opportunity again. According to people familiar with the Beijing Benz the domestic batteries to determine for the future era of ningde batteries. Once the 2020 Mercedes-benz successful domestic pure electric vehicle, ningde era will further expand the market share.

The mass and admission

One of the world's four major auto makers Volkswagen will also join the ningde era "batteries race". According to foreign media reports, Volkswagen Golf electric e - Golf will be in China in 2018 and put into production, at the same time, use a local supplier in China for the first time - battery of ningde era.

In fact this is a matter of reciprocity and mutual benefit, the Chinese local enterprises and battery market will usher in new opportunities, but the author thinks that, the public will surely will get what you want, and it is also the most effective way to realize auto localization manufacturing.

Through the use of domestic battery pack, the Volkswagen group can adapt to China's first electric car industry standards, at the same time enjoy tax subsidies in China, the most important thing is to local brand share high Chinese electric vehicle market to expand market share.

So, nothing is white, only you more and more strong, to master more initiative. The use of ningde battery is the best evidence of The Times.

Apple's secret to

In addition to the BMW, Mercedes-benz, Volkswagen these automakers to ningde, very love, the world's largest mobile phone maker, apple, joined the ningde era battleships, secret teamed up on a confidentiality agreement based new energy vehicle power battery project cooperation.

The joint ningde era, the industry will no doubt guess apple building cars in succession plan.As for why choose ningde era, there are a lot of people wonder, in fact the somebody else is already old partner, ATL is apple mobile phone battery, the world's largest supplier.

And ningde era was founded six years, however, in recent years in the global automotive battery is soaring in the field of development, one of the top three in the global automotive battery production quickly, as an equal with Panasonic, Byd.

According to related research institutions, according to data in the first half of 2017, ningde era electric vehicle battery installed capacity of 1312.4 MWH, in the domestic market share reached 20.98%, power battery off BYD to become the first prize. While BYD electric vehicle battery installed capacity of 1084.9 MWH, the market share of 17.35%.

In conclusion, apple chose ningde era is understandable. The following attached apple building cars for everyone historical figure:

Why can Ningde time get the favor of Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, apple?

In the era of ningde received Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, apple these international giant rush at the same time, we should think about these three questions: why ningde era is still the only one to enter China international auto enterprises supplier system of power battery business? Why are they all choose only cooperate ningde era? Who will be the era of ningde 2.0 (of course, the 2.0 is not copied, but create world China power battery brand)?

The author thinks that, if the domestic power battery enterprises put these questions to connect fully, committed to the core technology development and technology innovation, rather than pay attention to increase production capacity, so the future of China power battery enterprises will certainly won't be disciplined by others, but they begged to cooperate with us.

The current domestic power battery enterprises who will be the next to enter international auto enterprises supplier system of ningde 2.0 times, this also is to say, I believe you can't trade rashly launched an object.

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