The most critical year for BYD's development

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After the downturn of previous years, BYD's overall situation has improved with the launch of a number of new models, and Tesla's popularity has also given BYD's pure electric vehicles a good comparison, and BYD and Mercedes-Benz's joint venture, Is it possible that BYD can return to the track of rapid development under such circumstances? Can BYD's new energy car really open the market? The development of BYD has also reached a critical year.

BYD sold a total of 410,000 vehicles in 2013

This year is the first year that BYD has entered the adjustment, and it is also a year of take-off. From January to October 2013, BYD sold a total of 410,000 vehicles, and its target for the year was 500,000. At present, there is no problem. And this year, new products have also been recognized by consumers. The structure of the products has also become better. The proportion of higher-end models in the overall sales volume has also increased. This is also the recognition of consumers 'products and their brands.

The overall market this year is very good. On the one hand, China has played the economic card. On the other hand, consumers who grew rapidly in the early stages of the growth of the large automotive industry in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 will now start to face replacement purchases. Therefore, it will also have a certain increase in sales volume and play a great role in promoting it. The industry as a whole, in the years to come, will be able to influence the country as a whole in terms of the direction of the country, especially the major decisions of some new economic reforms. I believe the auto industry will also get a very good market performance. Under this large market environment, BYD will also be more stable in the future, in terms of brands, companies as a whole and product sales strategies. The average growth rate of the industry will also be greatly improved on both sides and it will be stable. Do better with products and services.

Promoting sales of electric vehicles to reduce emissions

The Tesla phenomenon, especially its entry into China, is good for the electric car industry or BYD, which is deeply involved in it. Because not only for BYD, the problem facing the entire electric vehicle industry is the same, how can consumers accept electric vehicle products, feel that electric vehicles are safe, reliable, and convenient, so it is necessary for everyone to do electric vehicle products. system. But BYD is different from Tesla in terms of specific product strategies. Tesla focuses on high-end people. BYD focuses on the mass market. BYD strives to make buses and taxis in the city that account for one-third of the fuel consumption and pollution, and can use pure linkage. Can remove a third of the city's exhaust emissions, and then consumers personally buy electric cars to go to work, usually commuting is also pure electric, is also zero emissions, in an effort to make our environment better. The energy conservation and environmental protection affect of just a few thousand or tens of thousands of electric vehicles per year is very limited. If the road transportation area or more consumers, if they are low-carbon travel, zero emissions travel. In this way, our large living environment and urban environment will be more meaningful. On the other hand, for the country's oil security, energy security will be even more significant. BYD has a brand new electric brand at the high end, which is also a joint venture with Bosch and Mercedes-Benz. It will be on the market next year. This car is also a high-end brand, and it will compete with Tesla in the same brand. So BYD's strategic planning for the future will be based on existing products, making them better and allowing more consumers to enjoy their products.

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages between Biyaditie battery technology and Trass 18650 lithium battery combination technology

Both of these batteries belong to large lithium batteries, because BYD started out in 1995, making batteries. The global output of batteries is billions of dollars per day. Based on the accumulation of very large industries and technologies in BYD batteries, BYD is very well studied in the field of batteries. The large plane of lithium batteries is divided into three categories according to our usual use: First, lithium cobalt acid batteries. Second,  lithium manganese acid battery. Third, lithium iron phosphate batteries. The lithium cobalt acid battery is the cell phone and notebook computer battery we use. The Tesla 18650 battery is actually a type of lithium cobalt acid battery. The biggest advantage of lithium cobalt acid batteries is that their energy density is relatively high, so that the battery weight is equal to the weight of the battery, it has a bit more power storage, but its biggest disadvantage is the thermal stability is not good, such as our usual cell phone batteries and laptop batteries., We found that we can not burn in the fire, or can not exceed much temperature, because the lithium cobalt acid battery seems to have a decomposition temperature of about 150, and when it is 150 or 160 degrees, it will have problems and it may explode. This is a problem. I think Tesla has chosen to apply lithium cobalt acid batteries to the entire vehicle, and I think Jed will do something about it. Lithium manganese acid batteries have less energy density than lithium cobalt acid batteries. It is not as high as lithium cobalt acid batteries. It is slightly lower than lithium cobalt acid batteries, but lithium manganese acid batteries have better stability than lithium cobalt acid batteries. However, lithium manganese acid batteries still have a problem. Lithium manganese acid batteries are in the surrounding environment of 50 degrees. You don't use it, and the car doesn't drive, but the battery is inside the car, and it's easy to get to that temperature as long as the surrounding environment reaches 50, or in the summer. When this temperature is trapped below, manganese lithium will react chemically. It will decompose and melt into the battery fluid. Therefore, after a long period of time, it will affect the life of the entire vehicle, including the battery. At present, the Japanese car uses more batteries. Route, It's a lithium manganate battery. BYD is the route chosen by lithium iron phosphate. The biggest deficiency of lithium iron phosphate is that the energy density is the lowest in these three types of batteries, so you may often see that BYD batteries are the heaviest. At present, about 104 watt-hours per kilogram, this energy density is the lowest in the three categories. But we think for vehicles, one is safe, one is energy density. Because lithium iron phosphate is no problem at a temperature of more than 600 degrees, it is also very stable. Because the battery has undergone various tests of fire, acupuncture, short circuit, and impact, there is no problem. It is also the academic community, including the field of chemical applications. It is generally recognized that the safety of lithium iron phosphate heat is the best stability. At present, several major options are not only BYD, but all Chinese electric car companies or battery vehicles currently choose the lithium iron phosphate route.

Byd Qin listed in December

As of the end of October, Qin's network order for this car has exceeded 2,000 units, but because local regulations are not prepared, such as the amount of local subsidies, there is still no, more or less, and there is no determination, so the price of the final purchase of the car by consumers is uncertain. When it bought the purchase tax on the card, it was calculated according to the 10 % tax profit. It was also uncertain how much tax it paid, so it caused inconvenience to consumers. Therefore, Qin's listing was delayed until December.

This year is undoubtedly a life-and-death year for BYD. With the launch of the new car, BYD's prospects are worthy of expectations and opportunities.

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