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As far back as ancient times, there were battery devices like today, but the first battery that was recognized was Walter, which was a voltaic stack made up of different metals and electrolytes in 1800.


In 1839, W.R.Grove published the world's first report on fuel cell research.


In 1859, the French company Plante first invented a practical lead storage battery, which was commercialized in 1882.


In 1860, the French engineer G. Leclanche invented a zinc-manganese dry battery using an aqueous solution of ammonium chloride as an electrolyte, which was commercialized in 1888.


In 1899, the Swedish W.Jungner invented the alkaline cadmium nickel battery;


In 1946, French h.g. Andre invented an alkaline zinc-silver battery.


In the 1950s, American W.S. Hesbert first developed a successful alkaline zinc-manganese battery based on previous studies.


The study of primary lithium batteries began in the 1950s and became practical in the 1970s. Since then, advances in electronic technology and mobile communications have driven the rapid development of the battery industry and technology.


In the 1980s, metal hydride nickel batteries (hereinafter referred to as hydrogen nickel batteries) were successfully developed by OBC Corporation of the United States.


In 1990, Japanese Nagourd and other research succeeded in lithium-ion batteries. In the same year, Moli and Sony Battery Company introduced the battery.


In 1993, Bell (Bell Telecom) developed a polymer lithium-ion battery.


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