How is the development of lithium battery separators?

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The lithium battery Development of the diaphragm

Globally, Japan and the United States are the most developed countries in the lithium battery separator industry. According to incomplete statistics of real lithium research, in 2011, the global sales of lithium battery diaphragms were about 358 million m2, and Japan had the largest production and sales of diaphragm materials. In 2011, the total sales of diaphragm materials were 241 million m2, accounting for more than half of the global market share, up to 52.62%.

Total sales in 2011, the Korean enterprises Lithium ion batteries The diaphragm is about 36 million m2, 7.86% of the world. Mainly refers to other regions in Europe and China Taiwan, sales of the region in general is still small. Among them, the LITARION? Nickel cobalt manganese acid lithium materials (i.e., commonly known as the ternary material) and can be greatly increased Power lithium battery Energy efficiency and safety performance SEPARION? Ceramic battery diaphragm, have try the large-scale application in electric vehicles. In addition, the British are also actively develop lithium battery diaphragm material.

Due to the merits of the diaphragm performance directly affects the service life of battery internal resistance, discharge capacity, cycle and the security performance of the battery, so the lithium battery manufacturing high consistency requirements for diaphragm material products, in addition to the thickness, surface density, mechanical properties of these basic requirements, the uniformity of pore size and distribution of diaphragm also have high requirements. Therefore, in view of the difficulty of technology, membrane materials is the only Chinese key material has yet to achieve self-sufficiency lithium batteries. However, the goal of localization of diaphragm material since 2004, the diaphragm material industry in China developed very fast, domestic diaphragm in the low-end market, scale quickly replace imported products.

Major companies than the figure of the diaphragm sales

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