Introduction of Three Authoritative Methods for Lithium Battery Repair

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Three common methods for mobile phone lithium battery repair:

Use a clean eraser or other material cleaning tool to gently wipe the metal contacts on the lithium battery and the metal contacts on the mobile phone to help the charging status and power lasting.

The old cell phone lithium battery that will be used for automatic shutdown will be tightly wrapped in the fresh film, and when wrapped, it will be served as much as possible. There are a total of three layers inside and outside to ensure that the battery is in a vacuum. Then, the three layers of bread outside the plastic film make the lithium battery completely sealed. In the freezer's freezer layer, after 48 hours, remove the battery and remove the wrapped six-layer paper film one by one. The lithium battery does not cause surface expansion or deformation due to freezing. Cool for a while, then charge.

3, let the nearly end-of-life lithium battery completely discharge, and then recharge to activate the battery. The specific method is to perform a deep discharge on the mobile phone, which is to achieve a deeper recharging by exhausting the internal electrical energy. This requires some unconventional methods. Connect the phone to a low-voltage light bulb with a specific device, and the power inside the battery will be transferred to the light bulb until it is all emitted. "The phone needs to slowly run out of power through a lower voltage. Under normal circumstances, if the phone is turned on below the rated voltage of 3.6 volts, it will automatically shut down. After the discharge, the recharged cell phone battery can be used for longer periods of time.

Lithium battery repair for mobile phones -- analysis of the process of "freezing therapy":

The original lithium battery purchased in April 2009 was used as an experimental object. The lithium battery has been in use for nearly two years. Under normal conditions, the standby time of this mobile phone is maintained for about one day. If the number of calls is higher, the battery duration will be shorter. If the average call time per phone is 3 minutes, and the answer or call is 10 times, the power is at risk.

Before the test, turn the phone off and turn it on after the battery is full. After that, do not use this phone to answer and make any calls, nor send or receive text messages. Without any interference, the phone was quietly on standby and was completely dead after nearly three days.

Enter the experimental stage: Put the fully equipped mobile phone lithium battery into the freezer's freezer(in order to prevent the lithium battery from being damp, you need to use the plastic film to firmly wrap the mobile phone, and when the package is as good as possible, a total of three layers are required inside and outside. Ensure that the lithium battery is in a vacuum state. Then, the three layers of bread outside the plastic film make the cell phone battery completely sealed. After 48 hours, the lithium battery was removed and the six-layer paper membrane was removed one by one. The battery did not cause the surface to expand or deform due to freezing. After cooling for a while, load the lithium battery into the phone and turn it on. In the same case, the phone that would have been automatically turned off on the third day was only one less battery on the screen. A week later, there was still a cell phone on the screen. On the ninth day, the mobile phone issued a prompt because of lack of electricity.

The performance before and after the "frozen therapy" test proves one thing: the first frozen battery can extend the phone's waiting time. However, freezing is not the "immortal elixir" of mobile phone batteries, and long-term use will damage lithium batteries.


Lithium batteries have a recycling life of about 600 times. If the number of charges is higher, the heat of the molecule will gradually destroy the microstructure of the internal molecules, and the storage charge efficiency will gradually decrease. "The freezing process can easily destroy the original internal structure of the battery. It may increase the ability to charge charges in a short period of time, but long-term use may not be effective. Professor Ye said that once the microscopic structure in the lithium battery is destroyed, it is impossible to completely recover. Long-term use of this method will accelerate the loss of mobile phone batteries.

Experts warned that the price of lithium batteries is not too high. Instead of struggling to repair lithium batteries, it is cheaper to buy a new battery. In addition, developing good usage habits is also a shortcut to extend the life of lithium batteries.

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