Fujianguo new energy lithium battery project completed and put into operation

May 24, 2019   Pageview:68

Recently, fujianguo new energy lithium-ion battery project was completed and put into operation in Strait Optoelectronics industrial park, liancheng industrial park, Fujian. The project is a key optoelectronic new material industry project introduced by Liancheng last year. The total investment of Guofang New Energy lithium battery Project is 380 million yuan. The main products are cylindrical lithium battery, power battery, high-end energy storage battery and automotive power battery. The project will only be used for 3 months from the signing of the contract to the completion of production.

In recent years, Liancheng County has optimized the industrial layout, educated leading, cast chains, built platforms, and promoted agglomeration, transformed resource advantages into industrial advantages, and devoted itself to building a production base for the lithium battery industry to boost the development of Liancheng's industrial industry. At the same time, through the "commercial investment", the lithium battery project has introduced lithium manganate, new energy square lithium battery, soft package lithium battery, lithium ion electrolyte, lithium battery steel shell and cap and other production projects, with a total investment of 1.55 billion yuan. The initial formation of a relatively complete lithium battery industry chain. Achieve the effect of "introducing a company and bringing a number of projects".

It is understood that all the lithium battery industry chain introduction projects have a period of 10 months from the formal signing of the contract to the completion of production and production, and within three years after the formal completion of production and production, the annual output value of the lithium battery industry production base will reach 2.2 billion yuan.

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