Yadi lithium battery electric car big event

Jun 12, 2019   Pageview:66

From April 29th to May 3rd, Yadi will launch a 200,000 Suguo card to send the first benefit to the people, 2,000 yuan to send 200 yuan Suguo card, 3,000 yuan to send 300 yuan Suguo card, over 4,000 yuan to send 400 yuan Suguo card, 5,000 yuan to send 5,000 yuan Suguo card. Special car toot cat, cola cat, elegant six generations and other models a special end. Of course, let your heart be more than that, Yadi's lithium battery display will make your eyes shine. It is reported that the development of Yadi Lithium Electric Car is suitable for the mass consumer group, covering all kinds of consumer demand, all-round development ideas, with light weight and practicality as the direction, has transformed the "A.M.T" three lithium battery products series, and has embarked on a new style.


Fashion and convenience are the main reasons why many people choose lithium batteries. The Yadi Lithium car cleverly applies the concept of fashion to the design of the whole vehicle. Miss Zhang, who owns the Yadi lithium electric car, said that whether you are a Ruili intellectual goddess or a gentle female of Xiaojiabiyu, Yadi electric cars are white-collar comfortable and light new cars, because the new lithium-electric cars have many advantages: small size. Yadi lithium battery electric car is the lithium battery electricized, the combination of the two is light and flexible; the battery weight is very light, many women are very flexible to control; endurance is strong, can run 40-50 km at a time, easy to ride on the road, Don't worry about running out of power on the road; Yadi lithium battery electric car adopts new R&D technology in technology, which greatly increases the time for lithium battery electric vehicles to drive mileage in bad weather. The longer driving range also makes the rider on the road. Safer, it's raining and snowing, don't worry that the tires are too slippery. At the same time, Yadi lithium battery electric car also has anti-theft function, automatic anti-theft system allows you to keep abreast of lithium battery electric car conditions, do not worry about the car being stolen.


The A.M.T series products reveal the core ideas of originality and differentiation in terms of image, product structure and technology.” The Aviva series of wonderful journeys carry dreams and start with happiness. The Mirage series of phantoms are popular, and they are free to follow. The Travel series does not follow, does not restrain, and releases the true self. The person in charge of Nanjing Yadi said: "The after-sales service of Yadi lithium electric car adopts the operation mode of '3+2+N', implements the operation mode of Yadi lithium electric car, that is, the operation mode of lithium lead-acid electrolysis, Yadi exclusive model patent Flame-retardant battery case, equipped with high-efficiency and low-speed motor, the mileage is at least 5km higher than other brands in the industry.". In the May 1 promotion, Yadi will treat you with good gifts, but the quality of Yadi products will make you profitable for a long time.


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