Tesla, making the world's largest lithium-ion battery.

Jun 25, 2019   Pageview:94

For Musk, Tesla is not just building electric cars. He is interested in everything related to new energy sources. Of course, Iron Man loves to explore outer space.

According to Australian media reports, Tesla has reached an agreement with the government to build a new power grid storage system for the government to prevent an emergency, given that last year a storm caused power outages across Australia for up to 50 hours.

Tesla will use Powerpack's technology to build a battery system and then connect directly to Huoensidaier's wind power plant. After all, The battery system will provide 100 megawatts / 129 megawatt hours of power storage(the basic supply required for Australia during the Australian power outage last year was almost the same standard).

The entire system will be completed within 100 days, and when completed, it will become the world's largest lithium-ion battery storage project. If this system appears to have a security risk, it will be unimaginable. .. .. ..

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