China invents new capacity lithium battery

Jun 12, 2019   Pageview:66

As smartphone screens become larger and larger, power consumption increases, smartphones need to be recharged frequently, which brings great inconvenience to smartphone users. If you are outdoors, you need to charge treasure. This situation may be solved. The phone is charged once and can't be used for a few months.


(Tang Yongbing's experimental data from the analysis team of the Functional Thin Film Materials Research Center of the Institute of Integrated Technology, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences.)


Researcher Tang Yongbing and his team at the Functional Thin Film Materials Research Center of the Institute of Advanced Technology, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Science and Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have successfully developed a new high-performance, low-cost potassium-type dual-ion battery technology without changing the cathode material of existing lithium batteries, developed a new high-efficiency and low-cost lithium battery technology with universal aluminum foil anode/current collector integrated design, which not only can effectively reduce the weight and volume of the battery, significantly improve the mass and volumetric energy density, and greatly reduce the manufacturing cost. At the same time, it has a wide range of universality.


The battery using this technology greatly increases the battery capacity and provides continuous power to the mobile phone. This achievement has not only made many breakthroughs and layouts in basic research in one year; at the same time, it quickly moved out of the laboratory and moved toward The direction of industrialization is rapidly developing.


With the advancement of China's science and technology, more and more Chinese technologies are leading the world, and all aspects of mobile phone production are developing rapidly. China has developed from a manufacturing country to a technological power.


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