Explanation of the diaphragm structure of polymer lithium ion battery

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Schematic diagram of polymer lithium ion battery separator structure


AOKE polymer lithium-ion battery is a new-generation lithium-ion battery, which not only has the high voltage, long cycle life, stable discharge voltage and clean and pollution-free characteristics of liquid lithium ion batteries, but also eliminates the explosion safety of liquid lithium ion batteries hidden dangers. At the same time, the shape is more flexible convenient and lighter, product performance meets or exceeds the technical specifications of liquid lithium-ion batteries which is safer.


AOKE polymer lithium battery and liquid battery comparison:


Good safety performance: The outer packaging is aluminum-plastic packaging, which is different from the liquid metal lithium battery. Due to the soft packaging technology, the internal quality hazard can be immediately displayed through the deformation of the outer packaging. Once a safety hazard occurs, it will not explode and will only bulge. ;


Ultra-thin design: suitable for all kinds of ultra-thin appliances, and liquid lithium-ion batteries have technical bottlenecks when the thickness is below 3.6mm.


Light weight: polymer lithium battery is 40% lighter than the same size steel shell liquid lithium, 20% lighter than aluminum shell liquid lithium;


Large capacity: the polymer is 10-15% higher than the equivalent capacity of the steel shell liquid lithium, 5-10% higher than the aluminum shell liquid lithium capacity;


The internal resistance is small: At present, the internal resistance of our products can be made below 35mΩ, so that the battery capacity can be more exerted, the same capacity, in some designs, the internal resistance is different, the use time is 20-50%;


The shape can be customized: the thickness and shape of the battery can be flexibly customized according to the requirements of the customer, and special shapes such as a curved shape can be made;


Good discharge characteristics: Polymer lithium battery uses a colloidal electrolyte with smoother discharge characteristics and a higher discharge platform.


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