Zhuhai Yinlong several factories have been blown up operational problems, Dongmingzhu new energy vehicle plan was blocked

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The transition seems to be only in half a year. Zhuhai Yinlong New Energy, which was once highly praised by Dongmingzhu and even pulled on Wang Jianlin, Liu Qiandong and other corporate leaders to participate in investment, seems to have begun to encounter trouble. Yesterday, media broke out that Hebei Yinlong, which is located in the Wu'an New Energy Industrial Park in Hebei Province, is suffering from declining orders and production stoppage. Similar to this, Yinlong has also experienced operational problems in several factories in other parts of the country.

Hebei Yinlong was overcapacity

According to public information, Wu'an New Energy Industrial Park was established six years ago and is almost tailor-made for the arrival of Yinlong. So far, Yinlong is still a large player in the industrial park. Hebei Yinlong, Northern Austrian Titanium, and Guangtong Automobile have covered most of the industrial parks. These companies are affiliated with Yinlong and are each other's upstream and downstream businesses. According to public information, Wu'an New Energy Industrial Park covers a number of plates such as lithium carbonate materials, lithium ion batteries, new energy vehicles, energy storage, and equipment, with a total investment of 30 billion yuan. According to the plan at that time, the annual output value here will reach 120 billion yuan, "equivalent to recreating a Wu'an city."

The problem encountered by Hebei Yinlong was said to be a problem in the sales of Guangtong cars and orders were suddenly reduced. This directly led Hebei Yinlong, which provided batteries for it, to fall into excess capacity and accumulated a large amount of inventory. But it is not clear exactly why yinlong is in such a situation as the media described. However, some industry people pointed out that in recent years, Yinlong's expansion rate has indeed been "excessive." According to public information, since 2017 alone, Yinlong has expanded or built new energy industry parks in about 8 cities. According to statistics, its total investment is as high as 70 billion yuan. The relationship between Dongmingzhu and Yin Long is really known to outsiders in the second half of 2016.

Dongmingzhu, Jingdong shares in Yinlong

In fact, the scene that Dongmingzhu was repeatedly mentioned by the media at the shareholders 'meeting was related to Yin Long. At that time, Gree Electric, which had been planning for six months, acquired Zhuhai Yinlong's plan and announced that it had failed under the opposition of many small and medium-sized shareholders. Dongmingzhu not only got angry on the spot, but also brought in weight companies such as Zhongji Group, Wanda Group, and Jingdong Group to jointly invest in Yinlong to demonstrate to shareholders who blocked the acquisition. Dongmingzhu said that the original plan for Gree's acquisition of Yinlong was not only to make large revenues and enter the automotive industry across borders, but also focused on Yinlong's lithium titanate battery technology. She is expected to bring a trillion yuan for Geli. Earnings.

Since then, Dongmingzhu's relationship with Yinlong has become more and more close, and has even become the spokesperson for Yinlong. Just at the end of 2016, Dongmingzhu suddenly appeared in Hebei Handan, where Yinlong produced the fourth-generation high-energy density lithium titanate nanomaterials and fourth-generation high-energy battery production line platforms. At that time, Dongmingzhu and Zhu Weiyincang, chairman of Zhuhai Yinlong New Energy, jointly attended the ceremony. According to a press release issued at the time, at the Yinlong Handan Factory, an annual production of 30,000 new energy logistics vehicles, special vehicles, and light passenger car factories had been completed and put into operation; Yinlong Phase III has an annual output of 600 million Angle shell battery projects completed and put into operation; An annual production line of 7,000 tons of nanoscale lithium titanate material was completed and put into production; The matching project with a total investment of 10 billion yuan in production capacity was fully started. "This means that Yinlong has brought the world's largest production base for lithium titanate materials and batteries. "

Zhuhai Yinlong two senior executives have resigned for half a year

But change began quietly at the end of last year. Zhuhai Yinlong's industrial and commercial information change record shows that on November 29 last year, the representative of Yinlong Law was changed from Wei Sunguohua to Wang Yicang; Immediately afterwards, on December 1, Chairman Yinlong changed from Wei Sunguohua to Wei Yancang. This means that Wei Yincang has stepped down from Yinlong. If Sunguohua, who took over as the partner of Wei Yincang, has always been a partner of Wei Yincang, this personnel change is not a storm. Then only a few months later, at a board meeting, Sunguohua was also removed from Zhuhai Yinlong. The position of chairman and president is enough to attract outside attention. At that time, it was reported that a large number of people with a Gree background entered Yinlong as an executive.

It is reported that Dongmingzhu had twice in the first quarter of last year to increase the silver dragon shares, became the second largest shareholder. Yesterday, a media release said that when Dongmingzhu was asked to invest in new energy vehicles, she did not hesitate to answer, "I have not thought about the question of winning and losing. I only thought that new energy is a national strategy. It is the development of emerging industries in the future. "It is not known when Dongmingzhu's words were said, but it may be true that Yin Long really encountered difficulties.

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