How to charge the lithium battery correctly?

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Lithium battery charger, our most common battery charger in life, and even some people call it "button battery charger" according to its compact appearance and lithium battery. What you don't know is that about the current lithium battery charger, there are still many misunderstandings in the charging method. For example, the phrase "recharge for more than 18 hours for the first time use" has become an ingrained impression in the minds of many new mobile phone users. Is the similar statement accurate?


First, how to charge the newly purchased lithium battery charger


For the charging method of the new battery charger, it seems that there have been various arguments all the time, the most widely spread as that "the first charge should be filled for 18 hours to make the battery charger active."


In fact, this statement is wrong, traced back to the source, this statement was originally for nickel battery chargers, but we ignore the lithium battery charger and nickel battery charger is very different, so charge the lithium battery For the device, excessive charging will only bring immeasurable damage to the battery charger itself, not to mention the "legendary" activation battery effect!


Second, how to use the lithium battery charger correctly


For the use of lithium battery chargers, many people still have such a misunderstanding, that is, "deep penetration and shallow in and out have a huge impact on the life of the charger.


Scientific research shows that lithium batteries have a service life of nearly 500 cycles, so when we use the charger to charge more power, the charger itself will not be much damage. In other words, the charger does not have much to do with the number of times of charging. Other factors, such as shallow charging and shallow charging, do not have a negative impact on the charger.


We can even say that shallow charge is very beneficial for the charger of lithium battery, because the charger acts as a component of the circuit, and excessive and long-term use will accelerate its aging, just like a young and powerful. The young people climbed a few kilometers of high mountains, and they had to rest for a while. Therefore, we can use the lithium battery charger more casually, but pay special attention to its length of use.


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