How to repair lithium batteries

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I'm sure you've all come across this situation: the battery on your phone is full when you've just finished charging it, but then it's out of battery for a while, or it even shuts down automatically after a call. Recharging is quickly shown to be full, cycle after cycle. It always brings us a lot of inconvenience. To save you money, here are three ways to fix these problems. Although can not compare with the new lithium battery, but already very good, everybody may draw lessons from!

When the lithium battery of the mobile phone starts to age, it generally shows that the display voltage is basically normal when the phone is no load, and the battery power indicator is basically full, but the standby time is short, it will automatically shut down when the phone is called, and the display is full soon when the phone is charged. Such batteries can be repaired in the following ways.

Lithium battery repair method 1: freezing (user experience)

A few days ago, one of my lithium batteries was dead, and my symptoms were that I couldn't charge it or turn on the camera (the camera showed no power), as I tried several times. Had no choice but to abandon aside, on the difference into the trash can. Later also do not know is what idea, the battery with multi-layer absorbent paper and multi-layer plastic film sealed into the refrigerator freezer (-18 degrees) frozen for two days and two nights, even after taking out the packaging put indoor room temperature for two days, the heart is unwilling to try again into the camera, hey, even completely normal! Tell everybody now, if have congener circumstance, might as well try!

There are also the following two methods:

Lithium battery repair method 2: discharge

The method of starting discharge or connecting resistance can be adopted. Start up the discharge should be put in the mobile phone on the degree of stop; Resistance discharge can be connected to the corresponding voltage of the small beads of long time discharge, until the small beads connected to the moment that the extent of the extinguishing. Large current is preferred for discharge current.

Lithium battery repair method 3: activation

Connect 12V alternating current in series, and connect a small electric bead or resistance in series between batteries for current limiting. Firstly, the control circuit is activated with a small current, and the alternating current of the control circuit is tens of milliamps for 30 to 60 minutes. Then, the current is increased to 1 or 2 times of the nominal value of the battery. For example, a 1000 mah battery can be activated for 30 to 60 minutes by adding 1000 to 2000 mah. Should be paid attention to in the process of the observation of the temperature of the battery and appearance: should be no burning, smoke, beat anomalies, such as high temperature (over 40 ℃) should be appropriate to reduce electric current. After the above activation treatment of lithium batteries can generally be normal use, but can not be compared with the new battery!

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