Is it true that the Internet is buzzing with mobile phone charging "tricks"?

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Internet rumor: "when the phone runs out of power, just type *3370# on the dial-up keyboard, and when you dial it out, the phone will be rebooted, and when you finish booting, you will find that the power is 50% higher."

The author's experiment: in the above i-phone4, samsung S4 and lenovo A288T mobile phones, the author typed *3370# command on the dial-up keyboard respectively, and the mobile phone showed "error occurred while executing the request, unknown error".

Professional interpretation: luo xianlong engineer said, there is no so-called release of the battery backup power of the command. The *3370# command mode is more like an early mobile phone code and should not be battery specific. The ios and Android systems commonly used in smart phones today do not use such codes.

The battery froze for 3 days and 3 nights, only getting 2 hours of extended standby time

Internet rumor: "put the phone battery in the refrigerator, freeze it for a certain time, then take it out and continue using it. The battery will last longer than it did before it was frozen!"

The author's experiment: the author will lenovo A288T mobile phone battery after unloading, with plastic wrap sealed package, put in the refrigerator. After 72 hours, the reporter takes out the battery from freezer, after cooling period of time, load the battery in mobile phone fill and boot. For the first time, the standby time was indeed two hours longer. After recharging, the standby time is restored to the state before putting it in the refrigerator.

Professional unscramble: zhang junliang says, present mobile phone basically is to use lithium battery, if charge number is much, its interior molecule arranges microstructure to be able to be destroyed gradually, after this caused mobile phone to be used certain fixed number of year, endurance ability becomes poor. At high temperatures, damaging irreversible chemical side effects in the electrode material and electrolyte inside the cell phone battery can accelerate and reduce the battery life, but low temperature refrigeration does not have the ability to repair the microstructure.

"Freezing is not scientific," luo said, noting that refrigerators are unlikely to revive old batteries. But he also pointed out that if the phone is not used for a long time, the battery should be removed from the cold storage, which can extend the battery life. According to relevant experimental data, the optimal storage condition of lithium battery is 40% charge and the storage temperature is less than 15 degrees Celsius, he said.

[battery knowledge · review the past and learn the new]

Beyond the rumors, there are some perennial questions about charging your phone, and while they're not new, many people still don't know the answer. The reporter sorted out a few common problems, ask zhang junliang professor and luo xianlong engineer gave professional explanation.

Do I need to use up my phone battery to recharge it? Zhang junliang: no. "Try to use up your phone's battery, preferably by auto-shutting it down." this is actually just a nickel battery to avoid memory effects. However, lithium battery does not have memory effect, so when the phone prompts low battery, it should be charged in time, excessive discharge will cause damage to the phone battery.

Does charging your phone overnight damage the battery? Luo xianlong: many people will choose to charge their mobile phones before going to bed and unplug them in the morning. Because the lithium battery phone or charger with overcharge protection, once full will automatically stop charging. In other words, if your lithium battery is fully charged and you don't unplug it, it will go blank.

Power off and then turn on the phone why will the display increase? Zhang junliang: this is only a temporary display. Cell phone battery is by monitoring the battery voltage to estimate, and voltage value, and not only, soc and current and electrolyte of lithium ion concentration distribution on other factors such as: cell phones are in a state of stable boot, current is relatively stable, lithium ion in the electrolyte concentration gradient distribution have a relatively stable; When the power is turned off and there is no current, the lithium ion concentration gradient gradually decreases and finally becomes 0, then the voltage will rise. When the phone is turned on again, the battery voltage will be higher than before the shutdown, because it takes a short time to form a stable concentration gradient, but the actual battery power of the phone has not increased.

[smart phone power saving tips]

The larger and larger screen and more and more intelligent applications make the mobile phone more and more intruding into our life. However, the larger screen and intelligence also make the battery of the mobile phone more and more useless. In addition to the portable charger and mobile power supply, a good habit of using the mobile phone can also enhance the battery life of the mobile phone. Netizen "deng tu prodigal son" summed up many reliable mobile phone power saving tips, can try oh.

Adjust screen brightness and close the screen in time

Mobile phone screens have become a big consumer of power. First of all, the larger the mobile phone screen, need to consume more power to support the display, and the increase in brightness will inevitably consume more power, so in ordinary use it is best not to adjust the screen to the brightest, manual adjustment to the brightness that they think is appropriate.

Second, some net friend you like mobile phones of sleep time very long, or directly to the mobile phone sleep time is set to "never", this is President of the phone's screen time in working state, even if not in the use of mobile phones, will consume large amounts of mobile phone battery, so it's best to turn off the phone screen in time when not in use of mobile phones. Turn off WiFi, GPS and other services in time

Turn off WiFi when you don't need it, because the data exchange after connecting to WiFi also consumes a lot of power. This is especially true for GPS. When GPS is turned on for satellite search, the mobile phone needs to consume a lot of power to complete this work, so we'd better turn off the GPS function when we don't need it.

Do not set it to vibrate mode for too long

It takes more energy to vibrate than it does to ring, so it's best not to put your phone in vibrate mode for too long if it's not necessary to do so.

Shut down unnecessary applications and daemons

Opening one app and then opening another without quitting will drain the phone's battery even more. Others stay in the background for services like push and can be turned off temporarily to keep their phones running for longer.

Quick fix with battery optimization software

In view of the methods and measures mentioned above, many mobile phone battery optimization software has integrated them. These software set different parameters according to different modes, so that we do not need to set one step at a time.

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