Star source material raised 2 billion yuan to build a "super coating factory" and 5 billion yuan to expand the diaphragm production line

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he four advocate material of lithium ion battery cathode materials, anode materials, the diaphragm, the electrolyte, the diaphragm is a key one of the four major raw materials of lithium ion batteries, the diaphragm in the play the role of electronic isolation, prevent direct contact is negative, allow freedom of lithium ion in the electrolyte by, at the same time the diaphragm for ensuring the safe operation of the battery also plays vital role.

It is worth mentioning that among the four main materials of lithium ion battery, diaphragm gross profit is the highest. Therefore, domestic enterprises have entered the diaphragm field, hoping to share in the power battery bonus.

Small make up to give you a summary of the layout of the new production capacity of 10 diaphragm enterprises, the 10 diaphragm enterprises are: cangzhou pearl, pu tai lai, star source material, neumy technology, Shanghai enjie, changyuan lithium new material, anruida, huiqiang new material, jiangsheng new material, union new material.

Cangzhou pearl annual production of 105 million square meters wet diaphragm project has been put into operation

On July 18, cangzhou mingzhu (002108) announced that the company's "wet-process lithium ion battery diaphragm project with an annual output of 105 million square meters" had been put into production. The construction period of this project is 24 months. The production line mainly includes three wet diaphragm production lines, plant and supporting facilities and process equipment investment; The total investment of the project is about 592 million yuan.

In July 2017, the first production line of the project was officially put into production, according to the announcement. Up to now, the relevant equipment of the other two production lines in the project has been debugged, and the trial production has been completed. Now it has started to put into production officially.

Putai lai 2. 600 million yuan acquisition of liyang yuequan layout lithium battery wet diaphragm

On July 3, putailai issued "Shanghai putailai new energy technology co., ltd. on the acquisition of liyang yuequan equity announcement", Shanghai putailai company this time to cash 2. 6.2 billion yuan acquisition of ningbo pengfeng held liyang yuequan 66. 67% equity, exploring wet diaphragm business.

Announcement shows, after this acquires, Shanghai pu tai comes hold liyang yuequan 88. 28 percent shares, the company's wholly owned subsidiary in Hong Kong ansheng 11. 72%, Shanghai putai lai and subsidiaries hold 100% of the shares.

It is learned that liyang yuequan mainly engages in lithium ion battery membrane, semiconductor materials, etc., and has the earliest production team engaged in wet process membrane in China. The first production line of the wet process membrane is in the stage of trial production and small batch shipment certification, and the second production line is in the stage of installation and commissioning. According to reports, pu tai comes this year actively buy layout battery cathode material, lithium electric equipment, etc., already had coating diaphragm production line. The announcement said the acquisition further improved the lithium ion battery production industry chain, in line with the company's strategic development requirements.

Star source material raises 2 billion yuan to build "super coating factory"

On June 16, xingyuan material (300568) announced that it planned to raise no more than 2 billion yuan to build a "super coating factory" project in changzhou, with a total investment of 29 billion yuan. With 6.4 billion yuan, jiangsu xingyuan new material technology co., LTD., a wholly-owned subsidiary, is the main body of implementation. 50 high-performance coating diaphragm production lines are constructed, and 8 new-generation dry diaphragm production lines are constructed at the same time. After the project is completed, a dry diaphragm with an annual production capacity of 400 million square meters and a coating diaphragm with an annual processing capacity of 1 billion square meters will be formed.

Among them, the first phase of the project plans to build 8 dry-process diaphragm production lines and 30 coating diaphragm production lines, with an annual production capacity of 40 million square meters for the dry-process diaphragm of lithium ion battery, and an annual processing capacity of 60 million square meters for the coating diaphragm of high-performance lithium ion battery. After the completion of the first phase of the project, the production capacity is released year by year, and it is expected to reach 20% in the second year, 50% in the third year, 70% in the fourth year, and complete in the fifth year. The second phase of the project plans to build 20 new coating diaphragm production lines, which can form high-performance lithium ion battery coating diaphragm with an annual processing capacity of 40 million square meters. After the completion of the second phase of the project, the production capacity is released year by year, and it is expected to reach 50% in the fourth year, 70% in the fifth year and fully reach the sixth year.

Umit invested 300 million RMB to build microporous membrane

On May 25, nuomi technology (831,742) intends to issue 75 million shares at a price of no less than 4 yuan per share, raising a total of 300 million yuan. All the funds will be used for the project of "new 3 50 million square meters/year high-performance lithium ion battery microporous membrane project", and the company will raise the funds needed for the rest of the project.

After the completion of the project, newmark technology will add 150 million square meters of production capacity every year, narrowing the production gap with leading enterprises in the industry and enhancing the company's market competitiveness, newmark technology said.

Shanghai enjie 5 billion to expand the diaphragm production line

On March 19, Shanghai enjie new material technology co., ltd. signed a contract to settle in wuxi with a total investment of 5 billion yuan. The project plans to build 16 fully automatic imported film production lines, 40 coating production lines and 5 aluminum plastic film import production lines, and plans to set up a high-end film product research and development center.

Currently, Shanghai enjie has 6 production lines, the latest production line speed of 60 meters/min or more, the maximum amount of film can be 1. At the same time, it has 3 production bases in Shanghai, dongguan and zhuhai. 200 million ㎡ capacity. The company has established stable cooperative relations with well-known battery manufacturers LGChem, byd, guoxuan high-tech and other companies, and has formed bulk supply. Meanwhile, it is the only certified supplier of samsung SDI in China.

In the long - term lithium new material planning and construction of 20 wet diaphragm production lines

Changyuan lithium new material co., LTD., founded in January 2012, is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the development, production and sales of wet-process separator materials for lithium ion batteries for new energy vehicles. In August 2017, it officially joined changyuan group, an outstanding listed company in China, and became a holding subsidiary of changyuan group. At present, the company has a registered capital of 263.35 million yuan, and has three production bases in changde, hunan, ningxiang, changsha and Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. It is planned to complete the construction of 20 wet diaphragm production lines in 2018 and 30 wet diaphragm production lines in 2019. The annual production capacity is about 1.5 billion square meters. At present, 10 wet diaphragm production lines have been put into production, and the production scale is at the leading level in the same industry in China. The production technology has been recognized as the international advanced level by the ministry of industry and information technology, which fills the gap in this field in China. Planning 8 production lines and 12 coating production lines, the company high starting point planning, high standard construction, phase 1 project 2 lines have entered normal production.

An ruida plans to build 10 dry process production lines and 4 coating production lines

At present, the company has built an annual output of 1. 600 million square meters of dry lithium battery diaphragm production line and 36 million square meters of coated lithium battery diaphragm production line. The product categories cover PP single layer, PP double layer, high rate diaphragm and coated diaphragm series, has achieved a number of well-known domestic power battery enterprises stable supply. It is estimated that by 2020, the company plans to build 10 dry process production lines and 4 coating production lines, which will have 2. 700 million square meters of dry diaphragm production capacity.

Independently developed and designed the production technology and preparation process of dry single-pull lithium battery diaphragm. The products have core intellectual property rights and 28 related patents, including 4 invention patents. "Recrystallization continuous production of high-performance power lithium battery diaphragm" has been identified as high-tech products in jiangsu province.

Huiqiang new material phase ii production line total capacity will reach 2. 300 million ㎡

Huiqiang new material phase ii production project is located in the industrial cluster area of suiping county. It has been implemented since January 2017. After more than a year of civil engineering construction, equipment installation and debugging, the whole production line has passed all debugging and repeated verification, and is ready to start production. The production line introduces all imported production equipment and specializes in the production of high-end power battery diaphragm for new energy vehicles. The product is mainly composed of a three-layer co-extrusion power diaphragm that is formed in one time and integrates the functions of power diaphragm such as experiment, detection and research and development. The annual production capacity of the production line design is 1. 500 million square meters, the entire second phase of production line production after the company's total annual capacity will reach 2. 300 million square meters, the forefront of China's dry diaphragm. The third production line is scheduled to start production in 2019.

At present, the company's main customers are camel shares, byd, penghui energy, haisida, CATL, zhongyan red square, sunshine power, mengshi technology and other well-known enterprises.

5 million ㎡ Jiang Sheng new materials for lithium electric diaphragm orders

Hubei jiangsheng new material co., LTD., established in May 2017, is jointly invested and established by jinrunyuan group, an urban investment group in zhijiang city, and social capital in the form of mixed ownership. Among them, jin runyuan group is the largest shareholder, contributing 30 million yuan, accounting for 30% of the shares.

The company's main plastic film; Plastic products, coating materials (excluding hazardous chemicals); Automotive power battery materials, lithium battery materials related business. The total investment of its planning projects is about 19. 700 million yuan, divided into two phases of construction. Among them, the first phase investment of 700 million yuan, is planning to build four wet/film production line (one production line annual capacity of 50 million ㎡), 6 coating production line, is expected to full production at the beginning of 2018. The second phase is planned to invest 12. With a total investment of 700 million yuan, the company plans to build 6 wet base membrane production lines, 10 ceramic coating production lines and 1 aramid fiber coating production line, which are expected to be fully put into production in the first half of 2019. It is said that the company has reached cooperation intention with several top domestic lithium ion power battery enterprises.

A few days ago, Jiangsheng xincai obtained 5 million square meters of lithium battery diaphragm trade order, the order amount of 20 million yuan.

Meilian new material 50 million yuan to set up Guangdong meilian diaphragm co., LTD

In October 2017, the company plans to use its own capital of 50 million yuan to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary, Guangdong melian diaphragm co., LTD., and use the subsidiary as the main body of the project to invest in the construction of wet diaphragm industrialization construction project of power lithium battery.

Project site selection in 288, Shantou city, Guangdong province area mound road neighboring area, land area of 75 mu, or about 50025 ㎡. The project plans to purchase 2 world-leading wet diaphragm production lines for lithium batteries and 10 matching coating production lines. Lithium-ion batteries, wet membrane production base will have nearly 100 million ㎡ / wet diaphragm of membrane and 80 million ㎡ / coating membrane production. Project construction period: 1-2 years. After the company's preliminary calculation, the project can achieve annual operating income of about 4. 400 million yuan, net profit of about 100 million yuan.

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