What are the battery categories for pure electric vehicles?

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Points from the categories, there are two categories of electric car batteries, batteries and fuel cells.Battery is suitable for pure electric vehicles, including lead-acid batteries, nickel cadmium battery, nickel metal hydride batteries, sodium sulfur batteries, lithium secondary battery, air batteries.Among them, lead-acid batteries, nickel cadmium battery and nickel metal hydride batteries in an earlier time, and types of batteries have been eliminated, and now the mainstream of pure electric vehicles are basically USES of lithium batteries, mainly including cobalt acid lithium batteries, such as Tesla products;Manganese acid lithium battery, such as the Toyota Prius, Nissan leaf;Lithium iron phosphate batteries, such as BYD products, 1 e, etc.

Lead-acid batteries are the most commonly used one kind of new energy car battery.Lead-acid battery plate is made of lead alloy grille, dilute sulphuric acid electrolyte, the plates are covered with lead sulfate.But after charging, is desperately lead sulfate turned into lead dioxide, on the plate in the cathode lead sulfate into metallic lead.Discharge, the chemical reactions occur in the opposite direction.Lead-acid battery has the advantage of discharge when the electromotive force, the more stable the drawback is smaller than the energy, strong corrosion to the environment.

Nickel metal hydride batteries in hybrid new energy vehicles has a wide application, it has a large energy density, can effectively prolong the motion of the vehicle;And nickel metal hydride battery discharge characteristics of safe, smooth discharge curve, calorific value is small, but large volume, there is pollution.

Lithium ion batteriesThan lead acid battery, nickel metal hydride battery has the high working voltage, larger than the energy, such as small volume, light quality, long cycle life, low self-discharge rate, no memory effect, no pollution and other advantages, therefore, more and more manufacturers choose use lithium ion batteries as a pure electric vehiclePower battery。

There are three kinds of commonly used in the lithium ion battery, respectively is cobalt acid lithium batteries, lithium manganese acid batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries.Cobalt acid lithium battery with high efficiency, large discharge current, charging high speed, light weight;But the downside is that some relatively poor stability, which is why this battery technologies are hard to make the reason of the large capacity of the battery unit.And manganese acid lithium battery costs slightly lower, but not as radical as cobalt acid lithium, low temperature performance is better, more suitable for cold areas, high temperature stability is not good, but easy to bulge, and attenuated fast cycling life.

Lithium iron phosphate battery is referred to as the safest car battery technology, this is because compared with cobalt acid lithium battery and manganese acid lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate battery stability, especially the stability of the high temperature condition is more stable, encounter unexpected situations such as fire have a smaller chance of surprises.But the efficiency of the lithium iron phosphate battery than the above two kinds of battery technology, the weight of the stored energy also need about twice the cobalt acid lithium batteries, no wonder why this new battery technology is difficult to be the choice of high-performance electric sports car.

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