Cheerwill Group: lead carbon battery can effectively reduce the sulfuric acid of lead battery.

Sep 18, 2019   Pageview:149

At present, lead battery is widely used in the field of energy storage and power, but the traditional lead battery negative plate the sulfuric acid salinization phenomenon, lead to shorten the life, has not been able to get a satisfactory application in the field of energy storage.

AMD group battery development department senior engineer, said rick wong in the field of energy storage load, etc, the part of the charged state operation of the battery, the battery is in a state of loss of electricity, prone to sulfuric acid salinization phenomenon, the negative plate to generate larger particles sulfate crystals, which hinder the battery of the electrochemical reaction, reduce the cycle life of the battery.

At the same time, under the condition of high power, lead-acid batteries of the sulfuric acid salinization is very serious.According to rick wong, as early as in 1997 research and development of the hybrid electric charge, the researchers found that the use of high power battery in large current discharge environment, the dosage of carbon material in the battery, the sulfuric acid salinization phenomenon can be improved, but also with many side effects.Based on this, the researchers constantly adjust scale, kinds of carbon materials and the corresponding improving the various properties of lead-acid batteries, lead the concept of carbon batteries, also is so.

As the leading enterprises in the domestic lead battery, AMD group are constantly develop more excellent performance of lead carbon battery products.Rick wong, AMD group in lead carbon batteries was systematically studied.Mechanism including electric catalytic mechanism of carbon materials, conductive mechanism, a mechanism of resistance, etc., because of different kinds, different mechanism.AMD group of r&d team from different carbon materials, according to the structure features and characteristics of different materials, to explore and research, to find the most appropriate reaction mechanism step by step.

Rick wong said that in terms of carbon materials, AMD team through to the carbon materials such as carbon black, graphite, carbon mass test and the study found that in certain types, different ratio of carbon material, can get form the most suitable mesh structure optimization, thus effectively avoid the phenomenon of the sulfuric acid salinization lead-acid battery plates are.

In most applications, lead carbon batteries are used in energy storage areas, and AMD group in the field of power, have also been used.On August 25, 2018, the opening of the 7th 2018 Shandong international exhibition of car of energy saving and new energy, AMD group exhibited for lead carbon battery products in the field of power.The product compared with conventional lead-acid batteries, the travel distance in cycle life performance, and low temperature resistance, etc, have increased substantially.Excellent resistance to low temperature filling and discharge performance, in particular, is much higher than traditional battery, ensure that electric cars in a cold environment still can achieve the normal range.

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