Power cells for lithium batteries

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Lithium power battery is a new type high energy battery which is developed in the 20th century.The negative poles of the battery is lithium metal, anode with MnO2, SOCL2, provided (CFx) n, etc.In the 70 s into the practical application.Because of its high energy, high battery voltage, the advantages of wide working temperature range, long storage life, has been widely used in military and civilian small appliances, such as mobile phones, portable computers, cameras, camera, etc and partly replace the traditional battery.The large capacity lithium battery is being tested in electric cars, electric cars will become the 21st century one of the main power source, and will be in the aspect of satellite, aerospace and energy storage applications.

(1) monomer working voltage of 3.7 V batteries, nickel cadmium battery, nickel metal hydride battery 3 times, almost 2 times of lead-acid batteries, lithium power battery one of the important reasons for the higher than energy.So the same power battery, the voltage of lithium power battery using serial number will be significantly less than lead acid battery and nickel metal hydride batteries.If power battery in the more monomer battery, the battery pack in the higher monomer battery consistency requirements, life is bad to do, after the battery has a problem analysis in the process of actual use, usually one or two monomer batteries in the battery out of the question and then lead to the whole problem, it is not hard to understand why the 48 v lead-acid battery is higher than 36 v lead-acid battery feedback, from the perspective of lithium electricity is more suitable for the use of power battery.For example, the 36 v lithium electricity only need 10 monomers, 18 and 36 v lead-acid battery need monomer battery, namely 3 only 12 v battery, and each of the 12 v lead-acid battery has six of the single or six monomer battery.

Lithium power battery

Lithium power battery

(2) light weight, is greater than the energy, and as high as 150 wh/Kg, is 2 times of nimh batteries, lead-acid batteries 4 times, so the weight is the same energy of a third to a quarter of lead-acid battery, from the point of lithium electricity consumes less resources, and as a result of the elements used in manganese acid lithium battery reserves more, so the relative lead acid, nickel metal hydride batteries could further rises in costs, instead of lithium power battery cost is further reduced.Electric bicycles 2.2 4 kg weight with lithium batteries, lead-acid battery for 12-20 kg, the weight of the weight of li-ion battery of about a quarter to a third of lead-acid battery, about 10 kg lighter than the lead-acid battery (36 v, 10) ah battery, battery is a 70% reduction in weight, the vehicle at least reduce the total weight of 20%.Combined with general electric bicycle lithium trams are simple and easy, because the battery and the light, the same voltage, the same capacity of the battery range longer, general electric vehicles in more than 40 kg weight, and lithium power battery electric bicycle weight between 7 to 26 kg.Women and the elderly can easily move, human ride is also very lightweight, sports leisure.(3) small volume, high 400 wh/L, the volume is one half to one third of lead-acid batteries.Provides a more reasonable structure and beautiful appearance design condition, design space and possibility.At this stage because of the limitation of lead-acid battery, weight, volume of designers design ideas are highly constrained, result in the present stage electric bicycle on the structure and appearance of the "thousand car side", the same similar, drab draw.And the use of lithium battery, gives designers show larger space of the design idea and design style and conditions.Of course also lead to electric bicycle with li-ion power battery size varied, is not conducive to the development of lithium power battery industry.Lithium power battery industry also need to use national standard lithium-ion batteries for electric bicycle as soon as possible, accelerate in the field of electric bicycle lithium electricity for lead-acid battery replacement.Lithium battery, of course, is in the process of continuous development of different materials, different process, the size of battery there's a big difference, how unity is a difficulty.

(4), long cycle life cycles of up to 1000 times.100% at 60% capacity, battery charge and discharge cycles may reach more than 600 times, use fixed number of year of 3-5 years, about two to three times of lead-acid battery service life.As technology innovation, improvement of equipment, the battery life will be more and more long, the price will be more and more high.(5) low self-discharge rate, less than 5% per month.

(6) allows a wide working temperature range, good low temperature performance, lithium power battery can work in between - 20 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃, especially suitable for low temperature, and the battery (lead-acid battery, nickel metal hydride batteries, for example) aqueous solution at low temperature and poor liquidity in the electrolyte can lead to performance is reduced greatly.

(7) no memory effect, so before each charge don't have to be like a nickel cadmium battery, nickel metal hydride batteries need discharge, can be recharged anytime and anywhere.Battery charge and discharge depth, effect on the life of the battery is not big, can put full filling full, we cycle test is full filled full.

(8) is particularly suitable for power battery, in addition to the lithium battery voltage is high, due to the lithium power battery protection board can be for high precision monitoring of each monomer battery, low power consumption intelligent management, has a perfect overcharge, over discharge, temperature, over current, short circuit protection, lock the restore function and reliable equalizing charge function, greatly extend the service life of the battery.And other types of battery (lead-acid batteries, for example) in use process due to problems such as consistency, battery charger, easy to produce the problem such as battery overcharge, discharge (because of cost and so on various aspects, lead-acid battery pack can't for each monomer battery monitoring and protection).

(9) no pollution, no toxic materials in lithium power battery, so called "green batteries", national key support.While lead-acid battery and nickel cadmium battery because of harmful material of lead and cadmium, country is bound to strengthen regulation and management (lead-acid battery export tax rebates cancellation, lead the increase of resource tax, lead-acid electric bicycle exports limited), the cost of the corresponding enterprise will increase.Although lithium battery without pollution, but consider from the Angle of resource conservation.Safety of lithium power battery recycling, recycling, recycling costs also need to consider.(10) pose a safety hazard;Poor stability due to their high lithium power battery energy, material, lithium electricity prone to security issues, the world famous mobile phone and laptop batteries (the anode materials for cobalt acid lithium) and ternary material production enterprises, companies such as Japan's Sanyo, SONY battery critical injection rate control in 40 parts per below (one over one billion), domestic companies can achieve PPM level (one over one million) is good, and the capacity of power battery is on the phone's battery capacity of more than one hundred times, so the requirements for the safety of the lithium electricity is extremely high.although cobalt acid lithium batteries and ternary material of batteries with lighter weight, smaller volume, etc, but they are unfit for power battery used in electric vehicles.

(11) price is high;The same voltage and capacity of lithium-ion power battery price is lead-acid 3-4 times.With the expanding of lithium power battery market, reduce costs, improve the performance of, and the increase in the price of lead-acid batteries, lithium power battery price is possible than lead-acid batteries.

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