Who will recycle the power battery that is going to be scrapped?

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According to the use of new energy vehicles cycle and the marketization process of China's new energy vehicles, this year will be the new energy vehicles power battery years of massive scrap recycling open.In the power battery scrap recycling process, both in pilot use and as a raw material recycling needs the support of recycling the main body, but for now, the reality is not ideal.On the one hand, power battery recycling absence of main body is still in the state, and related management also failed to reach the designated position;Both the recycling enterprises, on the other hand, because of the "do not have enough to eat" have to seek other business.Power battery recycling test subject is experiencing what market?In the future and how to develop?Reporters were investigated.

S power battery recycling body is not yet in place

Although peak power battery scrap recycling hasn't come, but before that, the first demonstration of the vehicle has entered the stage of scrap recycling operation.

According to the characteristics of power battery, follow the principle of recycling, the current advocate retired power battery pilot use first, then the principle of scrap recycling, and automobile enterprise as the main body, power battery recycling liable power battery recycling.However, because most of automobile enterprise is only part of the electric car "assembler", but it is the enterprises with special battery, the battery came this power battery recycling three kinds of main body of phenomenon: the first kind is automobile enterprise;The second is the battery production enterprises;The third kind is power battery scrap recycling enterprises and raw materials.

"Only the automobile enterprise as the main body to make sure all power battery can go to a regular recycling channels, avoid black market like a lead-acid battery."As the end of the power battery scrap recycling scrap recycling enterprise, jiangxi province ganzhou city hao peng technology co., LTD. General manager han into thought, automobile enterprise must be as the first responsibility main body, ensure that power battery into formal recycling channels, raise the use efficiency of the whole life cycle.At present, in terms of power battery recycling, Beijing new energy and byd earlier engaged in new energy vehicles in China demonstrated and the enterprise have the action.

"We conducted on the recycling of power battery in the many attempts, not just launched in electric mode, also puts forward the optimus prime plan, run out of store the way of plant arrangement in using retired power battery.In addition, has formed a special power battery recycling company, dedicated to retired power battery recycling."Baic relevant person in charge of new energy in an interview with China automotive news, Beijing new energy as early as 2016 joint henan xinxiang battery research institute was established in Beijing Beijing as the core technology co., LTD., is committed to batteries, power battery arrangement in use, the new system development and new business models to explore.

Byd is set up power battery recycling points in 4 s store."We rely on byd's 4 s shop to temporarily closed, waste power battery is temporary, then its unified recycling to byd collection points, the different state of battery recycling processing to the corresponding factory.Among them, we will be a taxi is defined as a big customer, maintenance, repair and other special focus, at the same time, the concentration and cell temporary duty."The relevant person in charge of byd is introduced.

In addition to the automobile enterprise, battery production enterprises are also carried out active exploration, ningde era, China aviation lithium electricity,bak battery, the porch high-tech enterprises have established a battery recycling network, power battery recycling business start layout, and pilot use or scrap recycling recycling batteries.

In addition, independent of the battery scrap recycling enterprise is on for the layout.Channg into introduction, last year, they areThe lithium batteryDiscarded scrap is 6000 tons, including 200 tons of vehicle power battery.Since this year, with the increment of power battery scrap recycling market scale, scrap recycling company related business also has a lot of improvement."In our company, for example, in the first quarter this year class B cells (secondary utilization of power battery) business volume is almost the whole of last year."Shenzhen a battery trading company business personnel liu told reporters, influenced by factors such as market demand fluctuation, power battery secondary use market earlier this year is really a small peak."We are in the first quarter of the capacity of power battery is close to 100 tons, is almost half of last year."Area of han said.

However, according to reporter understanding, overall, the current power battery mass BaoFeiQi are yet to come, power battery dismantling is difficult to form scale effect, mostly recycling main body is still in the "hungry" state.In addition, while there are all kinds of recycling on the market at present the main body, but relative to the amount of scrap power battery is about to enter the market, is still "a drop in the bucket", in general, recovery of main body is in a state of absence.

S management vacancy to recycle qualification "late"

In addition to the lack of recycling main body and the "do not have enough to eat" problem, journalists in the survey also found that the existing recycling body also faces no qualification of the dilemma.Though existing recycling subject on the market at present already cut power battery recycling business, but in fact, they did not get to carry out the "id card" of the business.

Investigate China automotive news, according to the normal operation process, recycling of the main body of power battery scrap recycling business need for examination and approval of relevant departments, but so far has not formally announced.Including reporters green beauty, ganzhou hao peng, and other enterprises, although they do the power battery scrap recycling business, but there is no related qualification, has the qualification is only lead-acid battery recycling qualification, not power battery processing qualifications.

"As far as we know, now the ministry of power battery scrap recycling enterprise qualification examination and approval has not yet been determined, the related enterprise qualification application has been submitted for more than a year, but haven't been to batch of down."The relevant person in charge of a scrap recycling company told the China auto news reporter.

At the same time, power battery recycle (scrap) pilot enterprises need specific qualifications and have no clear, but the reality is, automobile enterprise, battery production enterprises, trading companies in related business."One theory is that, two recycling battery also need a qualification examination and approval of the ministry, but need to meet what condition, how to apply for no clear stipulation, power battery recycling field there are a lot of blind spot, has been promoting the pilot use of project also is the pilot project."The director told reporters.China electric car c research consulting for zhang jian, a senior researcher in an interview with China automotive news also said that the current power battery scrap recycling link is indeed still exist certain provisions on the administration of missing, the new energy vehicle power battery recycling management interim measures "for relevant technology, standard, etc, but still need to formulate detailed rules for the implementation.

S power battery recycling is subject to joint operations

Not to scale, management is absent, but there is no cutting power of enthusiasm."Industry is generally accepted that, until 2020, power battery scrap recycling will usher in large-scale growth."Channg says, this also is at present, in addition to the car companies, enterprises, raw material recycling batteries, capital also causes big push into the field, they are also seeking new opportunities in this field.Especially some powerful companies are extending industrial chain, to the power battery recycling downstream extension.However, although the enthusiasm of the outside world is very high, but from the perspective of the development of the industry itself, what kind of pattern can be more effective to promote power battery scrap recycling still need to be discussed.

Experts say, at the current development situation, joint operations is probably the most effective model of power battery scrap recycling, is also the recovery of body are exploring mode.Such as byd has realized recycling chain in the internal system construction: through bonhams factory cooperation with distributors, to complete the decommissioning power battery to obtain, detection, and reuse.Again through the guangdong huizhou material factory the dismantling and recycling of waste battery materials;Ningde era as early as 2015 by subsidiary ningde and sheng, obtains the main business for waste control of lithium battery and dismantling of guangdong's bond, and be included in the consolidation scope, to carry out the power battery scrap recycling business;Beauty constructed with the center of city green power battery recycling and dismantling system, and byd, Shanghai Volkswagen and so on more than 20 enterprises to build power battery recycling industry chain;Oriental seiko, and Beijing automotive group, ningde time for power battery research and development, manufacturing, recycling, cascade utilization of business strategic cooperation.

Bond's group vice President and auto cycle division general manager Yu Haijun believes that most oems and battery plant in the process of power battery recycling there is lack of experience, professional ability is not enough, no battery recycling professional processing equipment, and other issues."Power battery recycling industry compared with the vehicle and battery industry is only a small profit business, as a result, most oems, battery enterprises will choose and the state of such third party professional recycling agencies to cooperate, to professional recycling of waste batteries."As Yu Haijun, power battery scrap recycling still need professional people to advance, and at present, the car companies were ordered to power battery scrap recycling principal responsibility under the premise of the parties to the joint research is the better choice.

Zhang also said that no matter what kind of recycling the subject, what kind of operation mode, all need to further explore the market vibrant business model, to ensure the marketization of power battery scrap recycling into normal development track.Baic relevant person in charge of new energy also said that due to a lack of business model innovation, sustainable power battery recycling model, it is hard to start to industry, enterprises in carrying out technical and economic analysis and evaluation to develop innovative business model on the basis of the pilot, accumulate experience, circular economy development mode of promotion value for replication, avoid the rush.

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