Do you know how long can a lithium battery last?

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In the battery market, the lithium battery with energy conservation and environmental protection, safety, low maintenance cost, long service life and protection, such as large development space features quickly occupied the market, and gradually replace the traditional lead-acid storage battery.

As lithium battery technology gradually mature and update, energy storage lithium battery more and more widely applied to many areas of life.Lithium battery solar street lamp life is a hot issue for many clients, let's come to the brief analysis of lithium battery by what factors affect the life of a solar street lamps as well as the use of analysis of lithium battery life.Battery birthday noodles influence of many factors, such as environmental temperature, the cell cycle, state of charge and discharge, etc., in addition to lithium batteries, lithium battery protection board, lithium battery production process as well as the shell material of the controller.

Now on the market of solar energy lithium battery big points two kinds, one kind isThe ternary lithium battery, general life in the five years, actually cycles generally within 1200 times, battery capacity will gradually reduce the general 3 years later, after attenuation is very severe.Still have a kind of isLithium iron phosphate batteries, cycles at about 2000 times, but the lithium iron phosphate battery low temperature effect is very poor, usually used in high temperature region is best, life is about 6-8 years.

Lithium battery if low temperature also affect the discharge performance, attenuation caused by capacity, single is its adaptability to environment is better traditional gel battery.Lithium battery and lithium battery protection board controller as the core control part, lithium battery pack for the use of lithium-ion batteries effects play a crucial role, the protection of the poor quality of plate and the controller cannot have precise control of charge and discharge, there is a risk, thus causing the spontaneous combustion of lithium-ion batteries.Other lithium batteries had better use anti-aging, fire insulation aluminum alloy shell.

Based on analysis of lithium battery life generally in 6 to 9 years, lithium battery life is affected factors, so the selection quality guaranteed lithium-ion batteries will exert its efficiency to the maximum.

At present, the development of the lithium battery has been rapid, market share of more and more, but the competition is becoming more and more big, many vendors in order to improve their own comprehensive competitiveness, lower price to reduce the product quality, just to make a profit, such products everyone to polish eyes when the choose and buy, the choose and buy big brands is the key.

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