What are the applications of surface defect detection system in lithium battery industry?

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Lithium electricity industry absorb billions of gold, golden compass point to where, the 2018 China international lithium electricity and electric technology development peak BBS, on April 20-21, held in Shanghai, the conference by: the first lithium power grid, the first electric Shared, China charging pile network, lithium electricity c, jointly organized by He Li exhibition, at the same time, China's international electric cars and filling in electrical technology peak BBS, share more than 40 guests to attend the speech at the conference, more than 500 guests to attend, at the same time, more than 20 companies set up a booth on new technology and products.

WenGongMing: respect ladies and gentlemen good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, very honored to attend the Brics lithium electricity summit, to share with you this afternoon, our American micro view, the surface defect detection system in the application of lithium electricity industry.

First of all let me introduce our company, the micro view, founded in 1989, is located in San Diego in the United States, has nearly 30 years, was engaged in the smart camera started at the beginning of research and development, you can see San Diego at that location on the map, and the location of the Pacific fleet, we are engaged in the U.S. military many founders early image processing, we run the smart camera system is also the us military is still widely used in the real-time operating system,

The lithium battery industry surface detection system, a lot of friends battery manufacturers also called product checking device, each manufacturer name is different, see from this picture about detection system long what appearance, by the camera, light source, institutions, electric control cabinet, computer, etc., before detection system is introduced in this paper, I want to talk to you explain, why need the CCD detection equipment, lithium battery I think you like me, see this picture, felt startled all right?Yes, frequent new energy lithium battery car burst into flames, to personal and property security caused great threat, and detection system, we can do is through online monitoring plate surface defects and eliminate 100%, to avoid this kind of accident to the greatest extent.

Because some places there is no way to show the PPT, here are some words, I briefly, we usually detection system in coating machine as the first line of control, the CCD can be 100% online monitoring coating is unusual, timely found the problem, and feedback to the system, another testing station is installed cutting machine, through detecting the positive and negative material if there is a fatal defects such as paint, will eventually put the cutting system of the identified defects in the winding process of single batteries scrap, to ensure that every cell is safe and reliable, that is, the battery is not allowed to have a potential safety hazard into car companies, battery burning explosion for many reasons, of course, we can do the accused from surface defects, in addition to sheet, we also do the detection of the diaphragm, diaphragm same quality but also the safety of the battery, you also hear star source Wang introduced the diaphragm to all aspects of the safety performance, that is, in fact we especially wet the diaphragm, the diaphragm pinhole for combustion explosion of the battery is very deadly a defect, the mainstream of the current domestic wet diaphragm factory, more than 70% will use our test system, why?Because for the moment only our system do pinhole one hundred percent physical distinction.

Introduced why do we need to CCD detection?We then further introduce, CCD detection system.

In addition to our CCD detection system applied in the new energy industry is very hot lithium battery diaphragm and sheet, we also, optical film covering plastic film, non-woven cloth, glass.Metal, etc., in addition to testing the new energy industry upstream and downstream lithium battery pole piece and the diaphragm, actually we also do copper foil and aluminum foil and so on, we started in 2008, Shanghai BYD's battery is engaged in the exploration of new energy industry detection, 10 years of experience in lithium electricity industry detection.

At home in the lithium battery industry if relatively high-end market, many customers will choose to cooperate with us, because we can truly of detected defects, customer needs for quality control.In 30 shipments before battery enterprises, more than 60% is to choose our detection system.Where we have a very in-depth cooperation with BYD, from Shanghai to Huizhou, and are preparing to Shenzhen factory in Qinghai, we have been working together to explore is committed to the most stringent test requirements to ensure quality control, satisfy different requirement for high-end customers.Finished application, we began to introduce system

Said to the detection system, from the hardware, there are three major pieces, the first one is that we said the camera.Depending on the micro sense is the only global a camera is doing, application system developed at the same time, the other is by buying a camera back, together with some software and hardware, we to process and understand the relative camera data will be deeper, in addition our camera is the biggest difference between other home this camera called smart camera, what is a smart camera?Ten years ago with nokia, usually we don't call it a smart phone, now everyone is using the basic smartphones. Why is that?Because it can be applied to a lot of APP, can do data processing, our camera is the same, our camera can do the processing of data, at the same time pass computer through the SQL database to store the data in real time.Can also through the ERP and MES system as opposed to a company's internal system, just say we run camera system, called VxWORKS, is also the us military is widely in use of real-time operating system, the stability of the system is very high, in the aviation field including fighter is done with the operating system, all relatively more stable than other's.

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