How much cobalt and lithium did new energy vehicles use in January-April?

Sep 12, 2019   Pageview:161

Zhongtai Securities recently released a strategy report that the new energy vehicles consumed 5447.3 tons of lithium carbonate and 1326 tons of metallic cobalt in January-April 2018. According to the energy-saving grid installed data, the amount of cobalt and lithium used by new energy vehicles in January-April 2018 was measured.


Assumptions: 1In industrial conditions, the 1kwh battery capacity of LPF battery corresponds to 0.57kg of lithium carbonate; 2In industrial case, the 1kwh battery capacity of NCM battery corresponds to the amount of lithium carbonate is 0.73kg; the demand for metal cobalt is 0.26kg. 3 In the industrial case, the LK battery 1kwh battery capacity corresponds to 0.55kg of lithium carbonate; 4 assume that the ternary battery type installed in January and April 2018 is NCM. According to the model calculation, the installed batteries in the first four months of 2018 consumed 5447.3 tons of lithium carbonate and 1326 tons of metallic cobalt.


The price of cobalt may rise to the bottom. As the low season of the power battery gradually passed, the operating rate of the downstream large-scale battery factory has been improved. In addition, with the mass production of new models, the battery factory will enter the raw material replenishment stage in late May, and the cobalt price will bottom out, and will continue to hit a record high. In addition, Glencore's cobalt mining company has been involved in legal proceedings, and the uncertainty of KCC's resumption of production has not been eliminated. In the future, with the implementation of the new mining law, the increase in upstream costs will further support the upward price of cobalt.


The demand for lithium carbonate is about to pick up, and the trend of high-nickel ternary is more and more true: after the traditional off-season in April, some raw material manufacturers have turned to the price of lithium carbonate at a low-price competition market. Since May, low-cost lithium raw materials have gradually being digested. As the low season of the power battery gradually passes, the demand for lithium carbonate will gradually pick up.


In addition, with the high-nickel ternary cathode material in the 3C market in 2018, the first large-scale application, in 2019 on the power battery will be scaled application, the high nickel ternary trend is more and more true and the demand for lithium hydroxide will continue to rise. The boom will also continue to rise.


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