Analysis of the causes of "leakage" of automobile batteries and the ways to avoid it

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Car leakage there are many kinds of form, but reflects the phenomenon about, mostly on the second day morning is power off, can't start the engine.Some have changed a few battery, the problem is still.Finally still is the result of the battery's dead.

Simple to discuss with you about here, several cause of automobile "leakage", hope the broad masses of juyou in-use vehicle, pay more attention to the following questions:

The reason a, battery is due to the use of time is longer

Battery with however let electricity made enough, but after the battery inside of active material loss to fill the tank will make the positive and negative plate link produces put electric circuit;Or often driving on the bumpy road, frequent vibration cause active material to fall off the result is the same.

Second, from the ignition switch control equipment in power consumption

Mainly circuit has electrical equipment in the work, such as some models have trunk lighting or other force beyond the control of ignition switch equipment in power consumption, etc.

Master control system of three reasons, "the main relay contact adhesive

Check the generator, the vehicle static current under the condition of no problem, suggest check master control system of "main relay contacts, look to whether have adhesion phenomenon.This kind of situation is hidden, and many times cannot be changed after battery to start is to check or replace the main relay try directly.

Reason four, parking stall after long time listening to music

After flameout, on-board electrical equipment if not pull down the battery power consumption will be too big, often listen to the songs of half an hour, wants to launch vehicle, find battery electricity dozen don't caught on fire, therefore, we must pay attention to, don't long time listening to music and unplug after parked car electrical equipment.

Reason five, the battery itself

Although is very few, also cannot be completely ruled out the situation.Especially in the competitive market, there are few factory in order to save costs and cut corners, and even use as raw materials such as recycling waste lead accumulator to market.This manufacture and does not pay attention to quality and brandThe batteryAlso prone to "leakage" problem.

Battery is for car electrical equipment power supply, as long as the engine starting, pull on the generators will work, you don't need to battery power supply.And generator also for battery charging at the same time, to protect the battery power reserve.

After night stall parked vehicle, the battery will be in a state of discharge.This time produced by static discharge current is very small, generally in 0.1 the following, belongs to the normal discharge.In general, in 0.5 the following, all belong to the normal range of acceptable.But some vehicles, using for a long time static discharge current can reach 1 or even a few Ann, Ann is easy to cause the battery electric, easy to cause the vehicles to start the next day.

In the battery in use, we need to pay attention to:

At ordinary times to shut down the car electrical appliances

Usually best to start the engine work, then the lights, radios and other electrical equipment.Before parking, close to the power consumption of electrical equipment to shut down the engine.

If it is found that the car wouldn't start for the first time, experts suggest the owner: don't rush to start the second and third.Because it will only accelerate the consumption of electricity.Cannot be started in the first time, it is better to wait 30 seconds, and then to the second launch attempt.Car starts successfully don't speeding, but to give the vehicle a preheating time, so the vehicle is not easy to wear and can improve fuel economy.General to vehicle water temperature is above 40 degrees Celsius at least start moving again.

The battery one in two years

Generally two years after each use, the battery has to be replaced.At ordinary times should pay attention to check whether the height of the battery electrolyte.Can add distilled water or the battery while the insufficient supplement fluid, not more than the height of the battery calibration instructions.This check at least once every two months.Also, check the battery terminal point for rust or not clean, the oxide increases the resistance of the connection parts, increased power consumption, waste of battery energy.Now used by most of the new models and maintenance-free battery, will not appear the phenomenon of insufficient electrolyte, life in general is in about two years.

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