Development and application of phase change heat storage technology

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On June 3, 2015, guided by the national energy administration, Zhongguancun energy storage industry technology alliance (CNESA) and Dusseldorf exhibition (Shanghai) co., LTD. Jointly sponsored "energy storage international summit 2015" was held in Beijing.Today's energy technology development co., LTD., chairman of the board of directors Wen-lian Chang keynote speech at the meeting, the following for the speech.

Energy technology development co., LTD., chairman of the board of directors Wen-lian Chang today

Ladies and gentlemen, every leader, every new friends and old friends, nice to in the annual energy storage summit and meet you.Today I want to share with you from the following four aspects:

A, energy, energy storage and Internet technology

Since this year, we in the industry the most talked about two things, one is the new electrical change, one is the energy of the Internet.Among them, the new power to open the country's hundreds of millions of power grid market, paving the way for energy, the development of the Internet.

Because our country petroleum foreign dependence growing too fast, and the traditional power grid has some potential safety hazard, distributed renewable energy connectivity to the nature of the energy to the Internet, will be our future the trend of The Times.

Energy to the Internet, refers to on the basis of the existing distribution network, through the use of advanced electronic and information technology, integration of distributed renewable energy power generation device and distributed energy storage device, realize high energy structure of energy and information flows.

The main purpose of the energy of the Internet is to reduce the cost of extracting energy we humans.In the new energy structure, because of the renewable energy power generation has the characteristics of intermittent and instability, its power will lead to an unstable power supply, can cause certain impact to the grid at the same time, so you need to form a complete set a percentage of the energy storage, stable output of the renewable energy power station.

The peaks and troughs of electricity price difference is bigger areas, increase energy storage application will make renewable energy more efficiency.In addition, in the traditional energy system, if increase the energy storage device, can be solved now produce energy and use energy mismatch problem in time and space, so as to optimize energy configuration, to enhance the efficiency of the energy use.

Second, the energy storage technology development prospects

Energy storage is divided into two types: electric energy storage and thermal energy storage.Among them, the electrical energy storageThe batteryEnergy storage, such as electrical energy storage and chemical energy storage way.According to the energy storage industry, the white paper in 2014, by 2020 China's energy storage market could reach 137 gw.But at present our country 99% occupied by a pumped storage, storage market is expected to reach 70 2020 gigawatts (gw).So we still have the space of 67 gw, will fill the gap by way of a new type of energy storage.

At present, the new type of energy storage capacity of only 81.3 mw, by 2020, a new type of energy storage technology will have more than 1000 times the market development space.Renewable and distributed energy access in great quantities, increasing proportion of new energy power generation, the impact on the grid energy storage is required to participate in and solve.Energy storage technology in the future will be the coordination of these problems is crucial one annulus, energy storage will be for the whole of the energy of the future play a key role in the development of the Internet.

Three, phase change thermal storage system

If jumped out the category of electricity, energy storage can be further extended to the concept of heat accumulation.

B: we have to do the contrast of energy storage and thermal energy storage: electrical energy storage, transfer, clean convenient, flexible and efficient;And store the advantages and characteristics of the heat is to provide users with cooling and heating of the demand side difference feeling.

The thermal storage is divided into latent heat and sensible heat storage and heat storage.Latent heat storage is also called phase change thermal storage, the temperature of the phase change materials in the process of rising, the phase transition point, the change in its physical state, and it's almost before the end of the phase change temperature does not change, at the same time a large number of phase change heat is released or absorbed, produced a relatively wide temperature platform.

Phase change materials according to the physical state can be divided into solid liquid and solid solid phase change, including the application of solid liquid phase change more, concrete is divided into inorganic, organic and composite phase change materials;According to temperature points can be low, normal temperature and high temperature materials, among them, 20 ℃ to 200 ℃ we call often low temperature phase change materials, we called 200 ℃ to 1000 ℃ high temperature phase change materials.

Our company the first characteristic of phase change thermal storage system is widely used, and different cooling and heat sources, and the solar energy, wind energy, tidal power seamless integration.Because the renewable energy has volatility and intermittent, if equipped with large capacity phase change thermal storage system, can effectively reduce carbon emissions.Also can be used with heat, for example, we can put the near making use of waste heat of the cement plant, chemical plant, increase energy efficiency, achieve the goal of waste, energy saving efficiency.

The second characteristic of phase change thermal storage system is can achieve large heat storage capacity.All units in the system can be connected in series, the biggest can reach above 500 mw heat capacity.We can according to customer demand for heat, configure different temperature using the unit.

The third characteristic is heat exchange system is very efficient.The fourth characteristic is all materials of green environmental protection, good thermal conductivity, and the material can be used repeatedly.

Four, the application case is introduced

The first case is in the industrial park.This is from China and Switzerland, the ministry of commerce key cooperation project, in the first half of this year has been in the construction of zhenjiang development zone in jiangsu province, area of 220000 square meters.

We use the 50 degrees phase change materials to provide hot water, coal provides 110 modular Powerbox, adopt the comprehensive heat and cold storage storage mode.The project a year for power users to transfer heat of 1.2 million KWH, installation fees use has decreased by 30%, and implements the peak peel and indirectly reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide.

The second case is a semiconductor packaging enterprises in Shanghai.In this project, we use energy storage systems to reduce enterprise in the operation of the electricity peak time, each year for the customer transfer over 4.6 million degrees peak electricity, save electricity, 3.87 million yuan.

The third case, we use large capacity in the friends of sheraton energy phase change thermal storage, cold storage, and the wisdom of the thermal storage system, using pluripotent complementary energy system improve the efficiency of energy use, creating a green energy of low carbon environmental ecological hotel.

Efforts and exploration, we have been in storage and we also welcome the domestic and foreign experts, peer communication and cooperation with us.Thank you very much!

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