How to repair lead-acid batteries

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Electrode is mainly composed of lead and its oxide, the electrolyte is a storage of the sulfuric acid solution battery. English: Lead - acid battery. Discharge condition, the positive main ingredients for lead dioxide, negative main composition as the lead; Charging status, the main components are all lead sulfate is negative. It is divided into exhaust type battery and maintenance-free lead-acid batteries.

Battery is mainly composed of tubular positive plate and negative plate, electrolyte, separator, battery case, battery cover, a column, filler cap, etc.Exhaust type of battery is made up of lead and lead oxide electrodes, electrolyte is sulfuric acid aqueous solution.The main advantage is that the voltage stability, the price is cheap;Shortcoming is lower than can (that is, the storage battery power) per kilogram, short service life and maintenance frequency.Old-fashioned common battery life in 2 years, and to periodically check the height of the electrolyte and add distilled water.But with the development of science and technology, the life of the lead-acid battery maintenance is become more and more simple.

Lead-acid battery charging method _ how lead-acid battery repair

Classification of lead-acid battery

1) the common battery;Common battery plate is made up of lead and lead oxide, the electrolyte is sulfuric acid aqueous solution.It is the main advantage of voltage stability, the price is cheap;Shortcoming is lower than can (that is, the storage battery power) per kilogram, short service life and maintenance frequency.

2) dry lotus battery: it is the full name of dry charged lead-acid battery, it is the main characteristic of negative plate has higher storage capacity, in the condition of dry completely, can save the electricity generated by in two years, when using, need to join the electrolyte, etc. Can be used in 20 to 30 minutes.

3) is a maintenance free storage battery: maintenance-free batteries due to its structural advantages, the consumption of the electrolyte is very small, in the service life of the basic don't need to add distilled water.It also has a shock resistant, high temperature resistant, small volume, the characteristics of uniformity.General twice of the normal battery service life.The free maintenance battery on the market has two kinds: the first in one-time add electrolyte later use when buying does not need to maintain fluid (add supplementary);Battery itself is another good factory had already added electrolyte and block, users won't add supplementary fluid.

Lead-acid batteries have 2 v, 4 v, 6 v, 8 v, 12 v, 24 v series, such as capacity mah from 200 to 3000 when Ann.VRLA battery is based on the AGM (liquid glass fiber board) calcium grid technology and rechargeable batteries, with excellent large current discharge properties and long service life.It does not need to add water in use.

Correct method of lead-acid battery charging

1, determine the battery or the battery pack of rated voltage and rated capacity.Rated voltage is used to determine the charging voltage, rated capacity used to determine the charging current.

About voltage: the easiest way to come from to read on the label;Such as the following figure 1 shows the CSB battery rated voltage is 12 v.

If label wear or no label, you can from the vent or the number of relief valve to judge, vent is located at the top of the battery can be open or close the round hole.It is safe to say, at present all lead-acid batteries have vent.Each vent on behalf of a unit that is 2 v, as a result, the other a picture shown in battery voltage is 24 v, because it has 12 vent.

About capacity: can also read on the label or calculated.Generally speaking, the label to indicate the voltage of the battery, as shown in figure 3 PNP battery is marked for 65 Ah, but the UPS battery usually expressed in W, as shown in figure 34 W a indicates, for this kind of battery, the capacity of simple calculation method is wattage divided by four, namely 8.5 Ah;But like this kind of figure 2, can't do, only according to or important to estimate the volume, and the error is bigger, generally speaking, 12 v100ah 30 ~ 35 kg of AGM battery, so the figure 2 battery if weighs 500 kilograms, can work out it has a capacity of about 700 ah.

Lead-acid battery charging method _ how lead-acid battery repair

2, if you only need to use the paper introduces the method to charge, this step can be skipped;If you need to use for a long time, it is recommended that the serious implementation of the step, is to determine the battery when fully charged 100% of the open circuit voltage, the industry term for 100% SOC (stageofcharge, charged state) of OCV (open circuit voltage, open circuit voltage).

Learned that there are many methods of this value:

A, dc voltmeter is used to measure the charge and have rest after a hours of battery voltage, directly.

Second, from the file access;The value was not printed on the battery label, but usually can get from the manufacturer's instructions or MSDS;

Three, for the rich fluid cell, also can pass the test on a full charge the battery electrolyte density and gain;Method is the OCV = SG + 0.84, for example, the electrolyte density is 1.35 g/mL, the open circuit voltage of battery OCV = 1.35 + 0.84 = 2.19 V, as shown in the figure below.

It is very important to get a full charge when the voltage, which can be used to test the battery is fully charged, determine the depth of the battery charge or discharge, etc.

Lead-acid battery charging method _ how lead-acid battery repair

3, determine the charging voltage.

Charging voltage divided into float charging pressure, are charging pressure, fast charging, etc.In general, for daily use floating float charging voltage, the lowest;Are used for recharging after discharge, high;Quick charge of electric voltage for emergency situations, and the highest, not commonly used.

In this article the charging voltage of the charging pressure.

Some battery label indicate the charging voltage, and is divided into floating and filling, such as shown in chart 1, float charging voltage of 13.5 V to 13.8 V, charging voltage of 14.4 V ~ 15.0 V.This is relatively simple, direct use of charge are charging pressure, can choose to compare safety in the middle of the values or the minimum value.All charging pressure peak can be thought of as fast charging pressure, often assume that a has certain harm to the battery.

If there are no mark on battery charging voltage, can according to the battery charge when the open circuit voltage of OCV estimate reasonable charging pressure, in general, the 12 V battery charge when the open circuit voltage of 1 ~ 1.5 V for reasonable charging pressure.Other rated voltage of the battery and so on.

A full battery if you don't know when the open circuit voltage, can occasionally in the voltage of 2.4 VPC blind imitation, but more difficult to judge when the battery is full, there may be a charge, a certain amount of damage to the battery.So-called 2.4 VPC, i.e., 2.4 V/cell, each unit 2.4 V, if it is 12 units, as shown in the above two, both can charge voltage of 28.8 V

4, determine the charging current.

Charging current and the capacity of the battery.Generally from 0.1 C to 0.4 C, namely the rated capacity of one over ten to four over ten.

If it is 100 ah battery is 10 ~ 40 a a.Can be achieved by dc ammeter measure the clip-on table.

, of course, some advanced technologies on the market at present the factory USES the thin plate technology, has been charging current will increase to 1 c, the value is equal to the rated capacity.The large current charging method will greatly shorten the charging time, just this kind of high-end battery is not enough, in this article are still using the commonly used method of 0.1 C to 0.4 C.

5, connection.It's not much said, the positive, the positive answer the battery of the charger charger of battery cathode cathode, then connect charger and mains, finally boot charge.

Is worth more than saying is, the more battery charging method, I recommend the parallel charging.Because the parallel charging can improve the consistency of the battery, but also relatively safe low voltage charging.

To be sure, parallel charging, connection to the diagonal method is adopted to improve the current shunt consistency.So-called diagonal connection diagram is as follows.

Lead-acid battery charging method _ how lead-acid battery repair

6, to determine the charging time, or when to stop charging.

If not blind or filling with high voltage charging, the charging current is reduced with charging for.

If the manufacturers recommended are recharged charging voltage, in general, when the charging current is 0.03 C has been charged.100 ah battery, for instance, if the manufacturer's recommended voltage, then when the charging current is less than 3 a can be considered basic charge.

Or to charge into the appropriate amount of 1.2 times the time required to charge time.Section 100 ah battery, for instance, completely discharge state, you will need to charge into 100 ah just full of;1.2 times the 120 ah;If the charging current is 0.15 C is 15 a, so, 120 present 15 = 8 hours can be recharged it.

7, determine whether or not filled.

If necessary, may conduct this step.Method is that the charging is complete, disconnect all lines, placed more than an hour, and then measure the battery voltage.Can be judged and standard curve contrast is full of.

Below is a manufacturer of open circuit voltage and the comparison of charged state diagram:

Lead-acid battery charging method _ how lead-acid battery repair

Lead battery charging matters needing attention

1. Strictly abide by the operation procedures.

2. In the process of charging and timely to check the record of each single cell battery voltage of the electrolyte density and.In the early and mid - charging, once every 2 h inspection records;Close to the charging end stage, once every 1 h inspection records.If discover individual single cell battery terminal voltage and electrolyte density rise than any other single cells is slow, even when the change is not obvious, should stop charging, timely find out the reason, eliminate malfunction, or separate small current charging, make it back to normal after, together with other battery charge again.

3. The entire charging process, it is necessary to measuring temperature of each single cell battery at any time, in order to avoid high temperature influence the battery performance.When the temperature rises to 45 ℃ should suspend charging, stay when the temperature dropped below 35 ℃ to continue charging, air cooling or water cooling method can be used to cool.

4. At the beginning of charging should be continuous, not for a long period of time.

5. The preparation and perfusion liquid electrolyte, must operate in accordance with the procedures and the use of vessels.

6. Indoor charging, unscrew the charging hole cover, hydrogen and oxygen can successfully escape, so as to avoid an accident.

7. Charge room to install ventilation equipment, in the process of charging, ventilation equipment should be kept working, to discharge harmful gases, prevent the occurrence of explosion, and try to avoid the harm to human body.

8. The charging chamber to strictly forbid fireworks.

9. The charging device and be rechargeable batteries should not be placed in the same room.Charge should be in accordance with the provisions, will be the rechargeable battery connection is good, and then closed the power switch.To stop charging should be cut off the power switch, and then remove the rechargeable battery.Wire connection must be reliable, keep a spark.

10. The charging chamber should be often equipped with running water, soda water or 10% and 10% of ammonia solution.

Lead-acid battery charging method _ how lead-acid battery repair

Lead-acid battery repair

Our lead-acid battery for all aspects of the introduction, overview of the structure and principle of the lead-acid battery.Lead-acid batteries by positive and negative plate, diaphragm and electrolyte, battery slot and connection, etc.

Lead-acid battery repair method is as follows:

1. Battery series repair method

When a single day can be adopted when the nominal battery voltage is lower than 12 v.Such as: 6 v4ah battery rechargeable emergency lights on the market often USES.And single output of 12 v. tester can now type two 6 v battery tester access to fix sulfur (note: according to nominal capacity battery and choose the appropriate charge and discharge current);

2. Battery parallel distribution method

If the battery in the process of repair degree rise quickly.Should reduce the charging and discharging electricity.Then you can access all the tester after the two batteries in parallel on a line, for half of the original charge and discharge current, the effect is very good also,

3. The output group legal

For long dominated by battery or self-discharging and cure serious battery, hydrating and charging recovery effect is not obvious when available.This method for severe vulcanization of better batteries, actually using this method.5 a charging current is best choice.Because of the repair function superposition, repair the negative pulse current is greater than the positive pulse, choose 5 a is in order to make up for the charging current of the resulting offset.

4. Output parallel flow method

If the repair battery capacity is big.If more than 2 oah. Sometimes need to increase the charging current, at this time can use tester at the same time two or more output to be repaired batteries in parallel at the same time, in order to enhance the charging current.Found in the actual test according to different batteries, dc 20 T1000 type digital multimeter try a gear side, side two road testing instrument and join the battery after the current gradually rise to the sum of two way current.

5. The output in parallel to sulfur method

Little battery serious sulfide, after repeatedly repair work of the battery.Can parallel two road on access to be repaired at the same time the battery tester repair function, to strengthen the effect of sulfur.It is not easy to master.Should be in phase addition, otherwise to sulfur current weakened, by monitoring the voltage current is increased as the judgment basis.

6. The output tandem booster method

This method to the battery voltage is 24 v and 36 v battery effectively, namely the tester output together of two or more road access to the battery, after two road series voltage is 24 v.Three way to 36 v.But the actual testing found that improved after shunt voltage, but still for choosing the current size.Such as: two way are 3 a current.Series after the voltage is 24 v, but current did not increase.Using this method, should pay attention to deep testing instrument each choose current size should be the same.Must start at the same time, such as: after three road series voltage is 36 v. And start the charging current of all stripes should choose the same size.

7. Heating method

Long battery lots goint to fixed number of year.Severe thousand desiccation, after filling water electrolyte and don't want to static dish 10 h. Customers are in urgent need of repair when using this method.To be repaired after filling water in order to speed up the electrolyte battery to the battery internal penetration (partition using superfine glass fiber as the carrier of the electrolyte.It can absorb large electrolyte) and its chemical reactions, after filling water electricity he put 70 ℃ hot water immersion (note read not submerged batteries to prevent short circuit) more than man.After take out the battery for regular repair work.

8. Good collocation method

Say again good collocation method.Side of the testing instrument has the function of self diagnosis to the battery test.Under normal circumstances, be repaired battery state when testing instrument, should people can hear the sound of a slight "click".Show that internal relay tester and off.On voltage less than 8 v batteries, although repair device, people start the corresponding functions such as repair, although panel on red digital tube display normal at this time.Charge and discharge of the digital display flashing, but under the effect of deep try self-protection function, and no corresponding current and voltage output.Such a sad condition, but the voltage is higher than 8 v good batteries with bad battery voltage is lower than the 8 v parallel the people behind the tester.Startup tester is the corresponding work mode, use multimeter voltage blocking confirmed that picked up after the good electric he removed from the line, let the electricity quality below side start testing instrument electric jaw repair bad battery still connected to the tester.

9. Cooling method

Always check the battery in the process of charging and repair of the light body falling in degrees.Overall temperature more than 40 't (touch feeling hot).Must check whether the charging voltage and current is too high (mainland pigeons very accurate current and voltage tester), if the normal.Shall give cooling cooling treatment.

(1) the fan cooling;

(2) the battery 2/3 people water cooling.At the same time does not interrupt repair work;

(3) reduce the charging current (such as battery) in parallel.Longer charging time, etc.

10. Activation method

Battery during storage or use, can charge the battery by activated on a regular basis, the so-called equalizing charge, this is very beneficial to prevent irreversible sulfide battery, the battery life is very good, is worth promoting.Mainland pigeons battery capacity address tester for 3 road 12 v independent circuit road 12 v (36 v) and 4 (48 v) independent circuit.The output current and voltage is controlled by microcomputer.Make very precise please out current and voltage.Can be used as a balanced charger.Because the balance in series battery pack is common existence, there will always be "backward" battery is in use process.General sad condition, tester for recharging the battery discharge one on a regular basis (equalizing charge).

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