Volvo supports the electricity-driven and automated transformation of the first public offering

Aug 23, 2019   Pageview:126

Volvo said it was working on plans to develop electric vehicles and self-driving vehicles, and had enough money to make the transition regardless of whether it had an IPO or not.

Volvo CEO Haakan? Samuelson said on the 16th that whether Volvo can go public independently, it needs to start to solve the problem of developing electric vehicles and self-driving, and now has enough funds to take advantage of the trend.

Geely holdings has also hired three underwriters to launch Volvo's first-round public offering, reportedly led by Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. But keeping Volvo's valuation range between $16 billion(RMB 101.7 billion) and $30 billion(RMB 190.7 billion) is a prerequisite for a public offering.

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