The effect of temperature on several kinds of lithium batteries

Oct 09, 2019   Pageview:140

Someone online to ask: "why lithium battery in the winter time is shorter than summer?" The following is a lithium battery practitioner of the answer.

For lithium battery, the industry has not yet have a clear theoretical support of its performance under various temperature resistance, discharge platform, life, capacity, etc., related calculation formula and mathematical model is still in groping stage.By and large, lithium batteries for the range 0 to 40 ℃ temperature is not sensitive to temperature, however once beyond this range, life and capacity will be discounted.

Specific quantitative there is no way to, because the activity of lithium-ion batteries is too high, the consistency is also the biggest problem, even if the same batch, same material, the same process of products, performance can make a big difference.

Did many experiments and different materials, the low temperature performance of lithium-ion batteries also have difference, now the heat is low temperature lithium iron phosphate performance is the worst, our products are in - 10 ℃ when the discharge capacity of the largest 89% of capacity, should be in the industry is relatively high;At 55 ℃ down capacity can reach 95%, relatively low attenuation or less.Is that still makes the product, you know, quality is much relative line normal product.

Relatively speaking, lithium, cobalt acid lithium manganese acid and low temperature properties of ternary products are better, but also limited;Sacrifice is high temperature performance.Now blow the lithium iron phosphate industry safety performance is high, the high temperature performance is good, is actually the cell activity without the above three kinds of high, some relative safety.The overall performance or lithium manganese or three yuan.

So, lithium-ion batteries use time is shorter than summer inevitably in the winter.

By the way, lithium battery in the winter it is best not to charge.Due to low temperature, the cathode nested produces lithium ions on the crystallization, pierced diaphragm directly, usually is a micro short circuit the impact longevity and performance, serious, bang!So someone reflect the lithium battery charge is not in the winter, take the battery management system is in part due to product protection, and he is due to the quality problem not filling in.Allegedly ATL (national champion, just got apple's share) of products is also seen in such a situation.

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