Can charging your phone overnight shorten battery life?

Sep 11, 2019   Pageview:227

Now a smartphone, multi-function intelligent mobile phone is convenient, but also seems to be to use many trouble.Have been hearing about, for example, mobile phone battery is full, so as not to keep the cell phone battery life cut short.In fact, these rumors are already overturned, together with small make up to look at!

Rumor: use the original charger will damage the battery

In fact is not, but if the charger is defective or poor quality requires attention.Of course still suggests that choose to have brand charger, will be guaranteed.

Rumor 2: charging while the use of mobile phones is very dangerous

We all know that there was a charge while talking on the phone, the result of mobile phone explosion accident.Actually don't have to panic, charging is the use of the mobile phone, but it is best for battery and charger is original, security will be higher than deputy factory.Some fake product, itself, the quality is not surprising that the fire burned.

Rumor three: charging the mobile phone will make all night long battery life shortened

In fact, your cell phone to be cleverer than you, once fully charge, the phone automatically stops charging.That is, while plugged into the socket, but the battery is not in charge.But that doesn't mean that you take for granted every day all night, if you keep your cell phone power from 40% to 80%, the phone will last longer.Many people think ran out of electricity recharging would be better, in fact often use no electricity to charge your mobile phone, this is the loss of battery life.

Rumours four: mobile phones will never need to turn it off

Mobile phone machine though it is actually, but occasionally still need to have a rest.Preferably in turn off the phone at night every day, keep the cell phone also stop working a little downtime.Apple, experts say, at least at least, also want to let your mobile phone for a week off a machine, to the life of the battery.

Now know the truth of these rumors, don't frighten yourself!To can prolong the service life of the mobile phone, or to make mobile phones more rest, at the same time also give yourself a break!

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