Four things that you need to pay attention to when charge a lithium battery.

Sep 11, 2019   Pageview:211

1, the charging time, charging for the first time because of the storage battery car battery factory is not used, have experienced a charging and discharging, to guarantee the normal work of the battery.In general, about charging time is in 5 to 6 hours, can let the battery charge, after using the charging can be a little long.

2, after the first charge, although not charging for the first time, but the second is new car charge, then you can make a storage battery power is about to run out of time, and then for a long time of charging, the charging can maintain 8-9 or 10 hours, in order to make storage battery chemistry to make a complete cycle.

3, storage battery charging for the first time, the charger may get hot soon, the heating is very high, therefore, especially in the summer when charging, the charger don't take it easy fever burning objects, also do not put in storage battery on the saddle, best to prevent fire.

4, electric power consumption to run out before charging for the first time, but you can't run out.Electric cars to buy new battery will not be too full, but not too little, unless the old battery or inferior battery.Everyone at the time of use, should be estimated according to the businessman, can estimate about running distance, lest without power or electricity.When the storage battery power display has been at the end of a grid, consider don't ride, ready to charge.

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