Guizhou vigorously introduces lithium battery industry projects.

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Guizhou province industry great investment breakthrough in action in 2018, aimed Bijie city Jinhai lake new district lithium battery broad prospects of industrial development, combined with the advantages of the local rich labor, vigorously the introduction of lithium battery industrial projects, growing industrial park economic strength, bend force to build "southwest lithium ˙ lithium valley of China".

One is China merchants to precision

The new city closely around lithium electricity accurate investment pool industry chain.Centered on batteries, and gradually introduce the upstream the positive and negative plate materials, membrane and electrolyte materials enterprises, as well as the downstream consumer goods companies and associated with lithium-ion batteries charging transformer, head, injection molding, and other enterprises, products are connected and form a complete set, the logistics cost, sales price, quality standard, the transport time to obtain the very good security, information sharing, etc.

The second is to the service

Project to promote the lithium battery industry fall to the ground in time, to play a role on the industrial chain as soon as possible, the new full help companies do business, eia, fire and other procedures, and a special "a team contact a whole process of the enterprise, a comrade, a working days to verify an enterprise award for application and the enterprises, an hour to acceptance enterprise logistics" of the "four" working mechanism, to provide project service guarantee for work.

3 it is policy to benefit

To create a loose investment environment, the new project for lithium battery industry, factory in industrial park free, electricity preferential subsidies, logistics, decoration and 14 preferential measures, such as the patent, to set up the laboratory and application lab (above city-level) to give corresponding subsidy, provide policy support in enterprise and prize.

So far, the new industrial park has introduced Guizhou Guihang new energy technology co., LTD., Guizhou PI PI PI electronics technology co., LTD., 23, such as lithium battery industry project put into production in 17, Nissan all kinds of lithium batteries more than 1.2 million, 2017 industrial output 1.78 billion yuan, granting workers more than 3000 ten thousand yuan.

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