What types of electric car batteries are available, and how do you identify them?

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What are the model of electric cars battery? How do you identify electric vehicle battery model?

Say the first battery model classification, general electric vehicle battery is divided into: 24 v, 36 v, 48 v, 60 v, 64 v of these four, 36 v with 48 v, the most common probably accounted for more than 95% of all electric car users, so today said the first 36 v with 48 v the two.

Commonly used for 36 v: 36 v10ah, 36 v12ah two kinds, the individual also useful 36 v14ah, 36 v17ah, 36 v20ah.

Commonly used for 48 v: 48 v10ah, 48 v12ah, 48 v14ah, 48 v17ah, 48 v20ah, individual also useful 48 v15ah, 48 v16ah, 48 v18ah, 48 v22ah, 48 v24ah, rarely used.

So how do you know what is their electric vehicle battery model?In general there are two ways, the first method is a method that a lazy person, is to see the output current charger, according to the following parameters control can know what type of battery:

Hint, see the output voltage on the charger.

36 v is: the output voltage is 36 v - 42 VDC * * A.

If it is 1.5 A, then is 10 ah.

If it is 1.6 A, then is 12 ah.

48 v is: the output voltage of 48 v - 59 VDC * * A.

If it is 1.7 A, is 48 v10ah.

If it is 1.8 A, is 48 v12ah.

If it is 2.0 A, is 48 v14ah.

If it is 2.3 A, is 48 v17ah.

If it is 2.5 A, is 48 v20ah.

First method sometimes doesn't work, because there are some difference of the charger not labelled these parameters, then had to see with the second method, this method is the easiest and most direct, the most practical is: open the battery compartment, count a few pieces of battery, if it is 3 pieces, so in general is 36 v, electric car users pay attention to a new day, your three pieces of the battery is not necessarily the 36 v, 48 v may be, take a look at the battery 12 v or 16 v is written on it, if it is 12 v, so all three pieces is 36 v, if it is 16 v, then three pieces is 48 v.

Same as above, if it is 4 piece, so generally is 48 v, of course, also want to distinguish, single just 16 v or 12 v, if single just 12 v, 48 v, then is if it is 16 v, so is 64 v.

If it is 5 pieces, then is 60 v.

Determines the voltage, and then determine the capacity, if the battery on 6 - DZM - 10, so is 10 ah, if it is 6 - DZM - 12, so is 12 ah, and so on.

Mark: of course there are some small manufacturer there is phenomenon, for example: 6 - DZM - 14, he is 10 to 12 gb ah, 6 - DZM - 20, he is gb 17 ah, so suggest when buying batteries, had better choose giant cells.

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