What effect does the power lithium battery tray have on the performance improvement of lithium battery?

Sep 12, 2019   Pageview:150

As a power battery integral part of the production process, especially the domestic power battery under the trend of production of basic automation, intelligent, the qualified rate of tray on capacity, quality, played a very key role.

As the global lithium electricity access to China's time, the domestic field of power battery is the metamorphosis of explosive.At the same time, the battery industry has also been derived to rapid development, such as power battery tray.

As an integral part of the power battery production, especially in the domestic power battery production under the trend of basic automation, intelligent, the qualified rate of tray on capacity, quality, played a very key role.Tray on precision, high temperature, corrosion and other performance has higher requirements;

Batteries into the shell from the front, on the other hand, with the battery, to PACK group, tray as production line is the most important jig, always runs through the whole process, "bad tray for battery production line, like drunk driving", the influence of Chinese automobile research institute zhang once the tray of power battery functions of the evaluation of the image.

It is reported that guangzhou after industrial co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "guangzhou after") is the present domestic the most competitive in the industry of special plastic products research and development, manufacturing, sales enterprises.Focus on logistics containers, power battery tray, special plastic containers, and other products of research and development, production, and for the car, many famous companies such as sinopec, innovative technology and special custom plastic products research and development production.

In the new energy industry, currently in guangzhou after as the main producers of power battery tray, has achieved the other shell, soft bag, the success of the cylindrical battery research and development, has been applied in a number of well-known domestic battery manufacturers and the high praise, the porch, silver long, force after product extremely high appraisal from customers.

Facing the domestic rapid development of new energy vehicles, power battery, storage areas, Guangzhou after the focus in the field of new energy and power battery development, focus on new energy of form a complete set of production line and services, starting from the research and development, technological characteristics of each production line targeted analysis, clear the direction of the tray and technical requirements, from requirements to receive the structure design, every link, repeated arguments from the technology, from the material analysis to the stress analysis, mold, every link strict to details and details.


Unlike ordinary injection products, the material requirements of power battery tray is very strict, the mechanical properties, chemical properties, processability and common plastic materials have great difference, in order to overcome the threshold, Guangzhou after experienced many failures and summary.

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