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At present, the batteries used in notebook computers are mainly divided into three types: 1. nickel-cadmium batteries, 2. nickel-hydrogen batteries, 3. lithium batteries. They are generally expressed as: nickel-cadmium NI-CD, nickel-hydrogen NI-MH and lithium-ion LI.


The notebook battery consists of a case, a circuit board and a battery, and is a lithium-ion battery. Generally speaking, the battery cell refers to the number of cells in the battery, and MAH refers to the capacity of the laptop battery.


The circuit board is mainly composed of a protection circuit (or a secondary protection circuit) and a capacity indication circuit, and manages the charging, discharging and security of the notebook battery.


The standby time of the laptop battery is mainly determined by the MAH value. In general, the more the number of cells is, the larger the MAH value and the longer the standby time. The life of a laptop battery is mainly measured by the number of times of charge and discharge, and the quality of the product is generally 500-600 times. Therefore, the effective life of the notebook battery is less than 2 years, the expired battery will age, and the standby time will drop sharply, which will affect the mobility of the notebook.


About the core of the laptop battery


At present, notebook batteries are mainly divided into 3 cores, 4 cores, 6 cores, 8 cores, 9 cores, and 12 cores. Simply put, a 4-cell battery can last for 2 hours, a 6-core battery for 3 hours, and so on. Of course, the larger the number of cores, the longer the battery life, of course, the higher the price, but the stability will be worse than the battery. Ordinary home users recommend using the number of cores that are standard with their own computers, such as 3-core and 4-core, because they are mainly in the home and have a stable power supply. Ordinary office users recommend using 6-cell and 8-cell batteries, because the standby time is relatively long, making your office more convenient. If you have higher mobile office requirements, you can consider 9-cell and 12-cell batteries. This battery is too heavy to carry, and there is no 6-core and 8-core stability. In fact, 6-core and 8-core are enough, because the 6-core and 8-core can be used for more than 3 hours in your normal office. If you play the game, it will be different.


How to maintain laptop lithium battery


You don't need to charge the lithium battery to 100% full charge, and don't use it. When conditions permit, try to keep the battery's power near half full, and the smaller the charge and discharge, the better.


Do not use lithium batteries (especially laptop lithium batteries) for a long time while the device is using an external power supply. Even if your notebook is well cooled, a long-term 100% power is equal to the murder of a lithium battery.


1. If you have used an external power supply to power your laptop for a long time, or if the battery power has exceeded 80%, immediately remove the battery of your notebook, do not need to fully charge the battery, and charge it to about 80%; adjust the power supply of the operating system. Option, adjust the battery alarm to more than 20%, the minimum battery level should not be lower than 20%, and it should be charged before dropping to 20%;


2. Small electronic devices such as mobile phones, if you are charged, you should immediately disconnect the power cord (including the USB interface for charging function), and then it will damage the battery; you should charge it frequently, remember to charge it, but you don't have to charge the battery;


3. Whether it is for a notebook or a mobile phone, you must not let the battery run out;


4. If you want to travel, fill the battery, but please remember to charge the appliance at any time if conditions permit. For battery life, do not wait until the battery is dry.


5. Use a smarter and more power-efficient operating system, such as genuine Windows7.


Today, people have a lot of electronic devices, a large part of which uses lithium batteries to ensure that battery life is very practical. After all, the battery is scrapped and recycled. Otherwise it will cause serious pollution to the environment.


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