Detail the Relationship between Lithium-ion Battery and Electric Vehicle Industry

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On January 8, the 2017 High-tech Lithium Electricity & amp; titled by the head of the sea head star. Electric vehicle annual meeting grand opening in Dongguan lake resort conference center. As the largest and most participating annual event in the lithium and electric vehicle industry, the site is full of friends and guests, attracting materials, equipment, core, BMS, PACK, electrical and electronic control, vehicle, and operation and leasing of the entire new energy vehicle industry chain. 800 senior executives participate.

At the opening ceremony of Wotema's title, as the first spokesperson, Dr. Zhangxiaofei, Chairman of Gao Gong Consulting, delivered a keynote speech entitled "On the Ten Major Relationships between Lithium and Electric Vehicles Industry." The content of the speech mainly discusses the 10 complex "relationships" between policy and industry, industrial chain enterprises and enterprises, capital and industry, domestic and foreign, supply and demand, etc., and analyzes the current industrial situation and future development trends with detailed figures and data.

1, the relationship between policy and industry-mother-in-law relationship

The Chinese new energy automotive industry is an industry that has developed under the support of government policies. The current government policies are multi-layered and divided into three categories: strategic policies, mandatory policies, and trend policies. Enterprise strategy should pay more attention and adopt diversified tactical measures.

Strategic policies such as double points and bans on the sale of fuel vehicles will force traditional fuel vehicles to transfer to electric vehicles, which will benefit the new energy vehicle industry in the long term, but will have less short-term effect. Response strategy: 1) traditional fuel car layout electric vehicle; 2) Electric vehicle companies continue to play their first-mover advantage; 3) We must actively develop directional technologies.

The mandatory policies such as the new energy vehicle promotion and application of the recommended vehicle catalogue have requirements for the size and technology of the enterprise, and they are exclusive and have certain restrictions. Response strategy: 1) follow the trends closely and act quickly; 2) Improve product performance above specifications.

Such trend policy features as subsidies and support for the leader are predictable, gradual but urgent, more pressure on enterprises, and greater transparency in the industry. Response strategy: 1) improve integrated competitiveness; 2) Focus on its own field.

2, the relationship between industry and capital-the relationship between fish and water

"Money can make the battery safe, money can make the car run, and rich people can get into the net; No money good products hard to go out, no money vertical technology. "Zhangxiaofei used vivid language to explain the importance of capital to industrial development. However, he also reminded that the capital is tilted to large companies. In fact, the funds of small and medium-sized enterprises are relatively tight, and even many companies have a decline in profit margins and no increase in income.

3, the relationship between power cells and applications-lover relationship

Lithium batteries are mainly used in the three major fields of digital, electric vehicles and energy storage. Digital lithium batteries have developed relatively smoothly, and the rapid development of electric vehicles has led to a dramatic increase in power battery production. The potential huge blue sea of energy storage has also been generally favored.

Judging from the data, the current power battery production is ten times the energy storage battery production, and the number of power battery companies is not only twenty times the number of energy storage battery companies. Mr Zhangxiaofei said the relationship between electric vehicles and energy storage was one of "fish and bear", with some companies having both, but others being more cautious.

4, the relationship between electric vehicles and electric vehicles-brother relationship

Compared with the data for 2016 and 2017, electric passenger vehicles are being connected to electric buses, driving the electric vehicle market to a capacity of 10 million and 100 million vehicles. In the speech, Zhangxiaofei made a detailed analysis of the situation of passenger cars, passenger cars, and special vehicles in three major markets, strategic positioning, and model planning, as follows:

5, the relationship between electric cars and three electric power-Huangfu relationship

The battery system is the "heart" of the electric vehicle and is responsible for the source of power, determining the mileage and ease of use of the entire vehicle; The electric control system is the "brain" of the electric vehicle and is responsible for controlling the system and determining the safety and reliability of the vehicle. The motor is the "thigh" of the electric vehicle and is responsible for the power output, determining the main performance indicators such as climbing, acceleration, and maximum speed of the vehicle.

"The relationship between electric vehicles and batteries is the relationship between the emperor and the queen. Electric vehicles and electric motors and electric controls are the relationship between the emperor and the nephew. The degree of emphasis on choice is not the same. "Zhangxiaofei laughed, but the choice of electric vehicles for electric motors and electric controls is constantly improving. Among them, electric control is developing toward high power density, high integration, and low cost. The motor is moving toward high output density, high efficiency, high reliability, and low cost., lightweight development.

6, the relationship between the electric car Hedongli battery-Queen relationship

According to Zhangxiaofei, the relationship between electric vehicles and battery technology routes is a "success or failure" relationship. In the 292-303 batches of product announcements released in 2017, there were 3,296 new energy vehicles, of which three yuan already accounted for the absolute proportion of passenger vehicles. Fuel cell applications are gradually heating up, and enterprises can not be ignored.

The relationship between the shape of electric vehicles and batteries is the "Party" relationship. The data shows that the proportion of cylinders in special vehicles and models is high; Soft packages grow in all types; However, the total installed capacity is the largest(the total number of electric vehicles and models is determined). "How the situation will change in the future depends mainly on the 'interaction' between the passenger car factory and the electric core factory. " said Zhangxiaofei.

7, the relationship between power cell quality, smart manufacturing and cost

Under the quality requirement of market drive and main machine factory, intelligent manufacturing is the inevitable choice of power battery enterprises. Objectively speaking, intelligent manufacturing needs informatization, traceability and on-line. From the data point of view, the efficiency of domestic single-link equipment has been greatly improved compared to three years ago, but the ability of the entire line series and the compatibility between the equipment still need to be improved.

Zhangxiaofei reminded: "Intelligent manufacturing is an inevitable trend. Whether deep or shallow, it must be done, otherwise it must be eliminated. "

The relationship between supply and demand

The current utilization rate of power battery capacity is declining; The passenger car field is seriously divided, with the top two accounting for more than 50 %; The remaining 33 enterprises accounted for 48 per cent. See the following figure:

9, the relationship between power lithium batteries and competitive batteries-the main branch relationship

From the perspective of industrialization and industrial foundation, lithium batteries are the most mature, and other batteries have excellent single performance, but the comprehensive performance still needs to be improved. Zhangxiaofei believes that fuel cells and solid cells can be commercialized, but in the short term can not replace lithium batteries in large proportion. Fuel cells in the future are more promising than solid-state batteries in electric vehicles.

Internal and external relations

At present, the Chinese power battery industry chain is gradually maturing. Some leading companies have begun to go overseas in addition to deep distribution of the domestic market. And China, the world's largest market for new energy vehicles, is also attracting international giants to delve deeper into the domestic market.

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