Are all lithium batteries rechargeable?

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Lithium batteries are the well-known and portable source which can provide you power with ease. Lithium batteries store electrical charges chemically to work. When the cathodes of the lithium battery will get a connection with anything through a wire, the charge will start to flow from its cathodes towards anodes and resultantly, it will produce electrical charges. In lithium batteries, the current is being caused by the chemical reaction which is being taken place inside the battery. 

Although lithium batteries last for a longer period of time, you are going to asks whether lithium batteries are rechargeable or not. Then the fact here to know is that generally, All Lithium batteries are not rechargeable with ease. From a chemical standpoint if we have a look at lithium batteries then you would come to know that in lithium batteries, lithium is being used in the pure metallic form of lithium. Due to which it is quite hard to recharge lithium batteries. Maybe this is the actual reason behind the manufacturing of lithium ion batteries which could be recharged with ease and you can use them again and again. Yes, it is true that lithium ion batteries are easily rechargeable and you can recharge such batteries 1000 or more times with ease to enjoy their benefits in the best possible way. 


Well, when it comes to lithium batteries then you must know that there exist two main categories of lithium batteries. One of them is known as primary lithium batteries while the other is known as secondary lithium batteries. Both of these own different characteristics. To know more about the primary lithium batteries and secondary lithium batteries you can have a look at the following descriptions. For sure, the following information is going to be the best for you to know to get a better idea about the things in an effective way. So, have a look:

Primary lithium battery

Primary lithium batteries are based on lithium metallic cell as an anode due to which these batteries are also known as lithium metallic batteries. 

Charge density: Primary lithium batteries or lithium metallic batteries are well-known because of their higher charge density. The higher charge density of the lithium batteries makes these batteries to stand apart from other available types of batteries. These are the batteries which contain a long life and high cost in one unit. 

Voltage production: depending on the chemical compound which is being used inside the battery and cell and design of the cell, primary lithium batteries have the ability to produce a voltage which can range from 1.5 voltage to 3.7 voltage commonly. 

Primary lithium battery uses: these primary cells have the ability to offer huge power for their size. These can be used in a number of different devices which can be ranged from compact disc players to flashlights in an effective way. 

These batteries are commonly the batteries of choices due to their long life and the energy amount which these can offer. It is because a primary cell or a lithium power can work for a longer period of time and can be the best to use where you need to have a battery source for long-term usage. Even the appliances which are away from reach can also get energy from such lithium batteries, for example, computer motherboards, smoke detectors or fire alarms, etc. 

Lithium batteries are primary cells and this term primary commonly refers to the fact that these are non-rechargeable cells. In secondary lithium batteries are based on liquid electrolyte gel and come with the various lithium cathode variants including, lithium cobalt, lithium manganese, lithium nickel, etc.


Secondary lithium battery 

Lithium batteries are not easy and safe to recharge. This major problem of the lithium batteries became the reason behind the invention of lithium ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries which are also being referred to as secondary lithium batteries. 

Lithium ion batteries are known as secondary batteries and are commonly being used to give power in consumer electronics. Lithium polymer batteries are also known in the same category. 

Charge density: these batteries are designed perfectly to overcome the safety issues of lithium batteries. However, the fact is that the lithium ion batteries do not offer more capacity as compared to the primary lithium batteries. Even, the shelf life of secondary lithium batteries is 3 years after this duration the battery will become worthless. 

Uses of secondary lithium battery: Most commonly, lithium ion batteries are being used in consumer appliances. Even more, lithium ion batteries can be manufactured in various forms and this is making the use of such batteries ideal for mobile phones, laptops, and tablets, etc.

Secondary lithium batteries are easy and safe to recharge and can be used for a number of times with ease. 

How to make rechargeable batteries properly· 

If you want to make your rechargeable battery then you must follow the following steps for this:

1.The things you need to have to complete the process:

· Old discarded batteries (2x)

· Precious water

· Small container

· Alum crystal

· A pair of pliers

· Salty water

· Wires

2.Take the cells and strip off them properly and bring the carbon rods out of the cell carefully. You can use pliers to take these rods out. 

3.In most of the cases, the cells contain moist electrolyte paste around the carbon rods. Spare that carefully. 

4.Never throw the cell once you have taken its rod out, it is because we also need to use one tablespoon of manganese dioxide which will be coated on the carbon rods. 

5.Now coat the rods in the manganese dioxide because it is necessary to make the battery rechargeable. 

6.Now, this is the time of inserting electrodes. Make two holes equal to the size of the carbon rod to fix them into the snug properly. 

7.Seal the holes and glue the two wires with the top of the rods which are sticking out. 

8.Now it is time to pour some water in the battery pouch along with alum crystals’ powder and mix properly. You can also mix mno2 in it to increase its charging capacity. 

9.Now fix the carbon rods in the water pouch and glue them properly and it's done. 

This can be the easiest way to make a rechargeable battery for you. 

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