New Lipo Battery Care

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Li-po is the short form for lithium polymer batteries. These batteries using the polymer electrolyte instead of liquid electrolyte like in other batteries; this makes this battery to have higher energy over other types of batteries. These batteries are mostly used in radio-controlled devices although they can be used in other small devices like mobile phones, laptops among others. When you have bought a new Li-po battery you will need to give it maximum care to make sure that it doesn’t get damaged just on the very first day you are using it. These are the things you should do after you have just bought your lithium polymer battery;


· Make sure you read the manual very well to understand the instructions

· Check that your battery very well and all the included things before you plug it on power, this is to make sure that there are no lose points that can cause a problem when you start charging, like short circuits

· Check if the battery is having a recommended voltage for a new battery or not, if not you should consider asking for help from the expert before you start using it. If the battery had been over discharged it can get damaged before you even continue.

· You should use the original charger that came along with the charger.

The dos and don’ts of new Lipo battery care.

After you have purchased your new lithium polymer battery, there are things that you will do to take care of the batter and there are those that you have to avoid so that your battery remains intact

The dos;

· Use a balanced charger which is specifically made for Li-po. The charger you should be using should be able to charge the battery at a slow rate, this is because of the characteristic of the Li-po batteries of being flammable hence it may break into fire.

· Make sure you use a charging bag every time you charge your battery. Since these kinds of batteries are flammable, they can break into fire anytime, the work of a charging bag is to prevent the spread of fire from spreading and causing more harm.

· Store the batteries in a cool and a dry place; due to the instability of the battery, they are not supposed to be exposed to heat, this may damage their cells.

· Discharge the batteries before storage, the high voltage of the batteries may make them more unstable and they can then break into fire any time.

· Remove all flammable materials at your charging area; this is to prevent any escalation of a problem just in case the battery breaks into fire.

The don’ts;

· Don’t leave your battery to charge without checking on them severally, as you have realized these batteries are very unstable and they can cause fire anytime, you should be having a fire extinguisher  or a plan to put out fire just in case anything happens

· Do not overcharge your battery beyond recommended voltage. However the batteries can shut down automatically once they are full but you can’t risk, just turn off when the recommended voltage is reached to avoid risks.

· Don’t discharge your battery beyond the minimum recommended voltage, in this particular kind of battery, if the voltage goes beyond minimum voltage, the battery will shut down and it will not recharge again.

New Lipo battery care and maintenance

Li-po batteries can be very difficult to handle because they are highly flammable, there are things you should consider when you buy a new lipo battery to make sure that the battery is safe and it can work for long time effectively. This is how you can take care of Lipo batteries

· You should use a compatible charger- lithium polymer batteries will require you to use the very exact charger that it was design for the battery. The original charger of the battery is able to stabilize the power that enters the battery. It is able to increase the voltage but decrease the current. The other charger does not have the ability to stabilize the power entering the battery.

The original charger is also able to balance the amount of voltage in a way that it enters all cells equally.

· Always have a fire extinguisher or be prepared to deal with fire. These batteries are very flammable and unstable so they can break into fire any time.

· New batteries need to be charged slowly, do not attempt to fast charge a new lithium polymer battery, it is safer to do so to avoid overheating which may cause the battery to light up into fire which can be so dangerous.


Every new Lipo battery user should know;

There are things that as a new owner of Lipo battery you should know for you to be able to know how to handle the battery, here are the things you have to keep in mind;

· Lithium polymer batteries are highly flammable, you should know that these batteries are very unstable and you should take caution when handling it.

· You should not let the battery stay full with the power for a long time; it may break into fire due to its instability nature, so you should discharge the battery if you want to store it.

· You should not discharge the battery beyond its minimum gate, it will not be able to recharge again, and hence it will be useless.

· You should not move away from your battery when it is charging just in case it breaks into fire.

You should always charge your battery in a charging bag; this is to help prevent the fire from spreading when it breaks out for the bag is fire proof hence the fire will not go out of it.

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