Li-ion battery care tips

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In the current world where everything is being done on mobile phones and computers, it is important to determine the durability of the batteries that power these devices. It is very frustrating for your phone to just go off when you are making an important call, just because of the battery, or imagine your laptop going off when you are just reading this article because of battery. Well, some of these battery problems are not because of the poor quality you are thinking off, it might just be because of the poor care you are giving to the batteries. Lithium ion batteries are very sensitive and they need good care for them to work efficiently as they are designed to work. So if you are having regular problems with your battery, how about you trying to take care of your battery the proper way, so how do you do this in a proper way? I will be giving you a guide on caring for your battery in the proper way;

Tips & Tricks of li-ion battery Care

There are various tips and tricks you can use to make sure that your battery stays for a long time, these are very simple things that may not need a lot of thinking to put them in practice, some of these tips include;

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· Do not completely discharge your lithium ion battery.

For lithium battery to be considered fully discharged it should go beyond below 2.5 volts. Discharging your battery beyond this level is not good for you battery. If you go beyond this level, the safety circuit that is inbuilt will open up and as a result your charger will not be able to start charging your battery, you will have to find a battery analyzer that will boost your battery for it to start charging again. If this goes on for a while your battery will spoil.

· If you are storing your battery, then discharge it to 40 percent

When you want to store your battery for a long time then you will need to discharge it to about 40 percent, this is because at full voltages of the battery, the oxidation of the lithium becomes the highest and that will automatically ruin your battery. Below 40 percent is recommended because it lowers the oxidation of lithium in the battery hence keeping your battery safe.

· Don’t expose your battery to high temperatures

Lithium batteries are very sensitive to high temperatures hence they should be kept at room temperature. Heat can easily react with lithium in the battery and it will damage the battery. However the battery should also not get exposed to extremely low temperatures, this may discharge the battery bellow required limits. So you should not expose your phone to heat and do not put it on a very cold floor for a long time it may spoil.

Charging habits to maximize battery life

How you charge your phone can really affect the life of your battery, if you charge your battery wrongly you may end up spoiling it. This is what you need to do when charging your battery for a long battery life;

· Use the original charger recommended

There is a habit of using a different charger other than the recommended by the manufacturers, this is very common among people just as long as the charger fits in, and they have no problem with using it. The charger other than the original charger might cause short circuiting in your battery hence killing its life and so it is necessary that you find the right charger.

· Avoid idle charging

This is leaving the charger in your phone even after your battery gets full. This is a common thing that happens when people charge their phones over the night. The reason for this is that it can cause something called plating of the metallic case of the battery, this can cause short circuiting of the battery hence causing a damage to the battery and even your phone.

· Do not overload your phone while charging.

It is advisable that you don’t use heavy applications of your phone while charging like gaming among others; this will cause overheating of your battery which in turn reduces your battery life. If you have to keep your battery long then allow it to charge fully before you decide to use it, and if you cannot avoid this then only use applications which are lighter in your phone.

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How to maintain lithium battery

Lithium batteries can be very delicate sometimes, this I the reason why they need maximum maintenance; these are the best maintenance strategies you can employ;

· Avoid too much heat and too much cold

Too much heat can damage your battery, to maintain your battery you will try as much as you can to keep it away from heat. Too much cold is also not good for our battery and you should void exposing you battery to it too

· Charge just normally

When it comes to charging you phone, avoid quick charging, this will damage your battery, it is even advisable that leave your phone to charge undisturbed until it gets full, this is one way of maintaining your battery  for long life.

· Do not discharge your phone to zero percent

When you are using your phone, do not drain the battery until you reach zero percent, this will make it hard for your battery to start charging, as a result the battery will strain and eventually damage. It is then necessary that you keep you battery not too low and not too high also, 50 percent is advised by experts. To maintain your battery you should make sure that your battery doesn’t strain to power your phone.

Finally, you should make all the observation that has been noted up there to keep your battery in the best state.

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