18650 Flat Top Battery Review

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What is 18650 flat top battery?

Over time, the forms of energy available to mankind have evolved, and experts have continued to push the boundaries as regards sustainable energy for powering different forms of devices and equipment. Currently, lithium batteries are some of the best sources of sustainable energy because of features of these batteries such as the high energy density. Lithium batteries are also one of the best sources of electrical energy because they can be recharged for long periods and are recyclable. Lithium batteries have been tagged the energy source of the future, especially with the reduction of the cost of production of these batteries over time. With the current trends, lithium batteries are poised to drive the energy sector for decades to come.


Lithium batteries are made up of a cathode and anode within a system that is tightly packed to direct the flow of current while charging and discharging.

Lithium-ion batteries are classified according to their size based on the height and the diameter. The 18650 battery is a lithium-ion battery with a height of 65 mm and a diameter of 18 mm. these batteries could be likened to AA batteries as there are 14500 AA batteries, that is AA batteries with a height of 50 mm and a width of 14 mm. The nomenclature of these batteries which is based on the diameter and height is written with the height of the batteries first followed by the diameter of the battery.

With the improvement in the technology for making lithium-ion batteries, these batteries have become available to both manufacturers of products as well as direct consumers. The 18650 lithium-ion battery is one of the best available options for consumer batteries. The 18650 battery is also one of the best available options for powering devices such as LED lights. These batteries can also power laptops and laser pointers. The suitability of 18650 batteries for rechargeable devices is linked to the fact that these batteries are not susceptible to damage that occurs when they are charged before they completely discharge. 18650 batteries are also known for a large number of charging as well as discharge cycles. These batteries also discharge at a slow rate.

Specifications of 18650 batteries include capacity as well as maximum continuous discharge. The capacity of lithium-ion batteries is measured in milliamp hour (mAh), while the maximum continuous discharge is measured in amperes (A). The available 18650 batteries thus include those with a high capacity as well as those with a low capacity. Those with high capacity are known to have low maximum continuous discharge values, while those with a low capacity are known to have a high maximum continuous discharge value.

These batteries are available as flat top and buttoned top batteries. After the anode and cathode of a 18650 lithium battery is packed into a tight container, there is an open top which is covered with a positive pole. The pole is then sealed. The way this pole finally appears determines whether the battery is a flat top battery or a buttoned top battery.

The flat top battery has a smooth positive pole end, while the buttoned top battery has a top that has a protrusion which has the shape of a button. The only difference between a flat top 18650 battery and a buttoned top 18650 battery is the appearance of the positive pole end. Thus, a flat top 18650 battery sits directly into its compartment, while a buttoned top 18650 battery may not fit directly into its compartment.

Before buying a flat top 18650 battery, it is important to confirm that it would fit into the device where it will be used. One can consult a manual or some other source to be sure if a flat top battery will fit into a particular device.

18650 flat top battery market demand

18650 batteries are especially in demand globally because of their batteries. The ability of these batteries to power a variety of devices and equipment is especially notable. Research has established that about 40% of the batteries used all the world are lithium-ion batteries, and these batteries include flat top 18650 batteries.

Because of the versatile use of 1665o batteries, these batteries would make up a major percentage of the lithium batteries that are manufactured. These batteries also have a promising future since they can be used in a wide variety of devices. The fact that these batteries can also be used directly by consumers indicates potential for a greater demand of these batteries in the future.

Flat top 18650 batteries currently receive an impressive demand by both manufacturers and consumers, and this demand is bound to improve over the years. It is also noteworthy that the manufacturers of these batteries are constantly seeking ways to improve them. The focus of activities of manufacturers of 18650 batteries to improve their quality include safer battery chemistry as there is a variety of battery chemistry for 18650 flat top batteries.


How to distinguish the good 18650 flat top battery from the bad

Even with the wide range of application of flat top 18650 batteries, it is noteworthy that these batteries are largely unstandardized. Thus, manufacturers can produce 18650 batteries of questionable value. The popularity of online purchase of items which include flat top 18650 batteries has also encouraged the peddling of fake batteries. Online vendors can buy counterfeit cells, for example, and wrap them to seem like the genuine batteries. Fraudulent online battery vendors have perfected the act of selling fake batteries.

The dangers of these fake batteries include the damage that they could cause in the device they power. There is also the fact that fake batteries could cause harm the user of the device or equipment.

In distinguishing between fake and genuine 18650 batteries, it is important to note the source of the battery. Because fake batteries can be easily passed off as genuine batteries, it is important to buy these batteries from trusted sources such as the manufacturer of the battery.

In curbing the menace caused by the use of fake batteries, manufacturers of genuine batteries specify the weight of these batteries. Thus, to distinguish between the genuine and fake version of a battery, one could confirm the weight as specified by the manufacturer. The weight is usually stated on the body of the battery or on official platforms of the manufacturer such as social media pages and website.

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