Lithium Primary Battery Interpretation

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Lithium batteries are also known as primary batteries and it has metallic lithium as an anode. These batteries were also known as lithium metal batteries and it has different from other types of batteries. Lithium batteries have high charging density which provides a long life to them and also has a high cost per unit. Mainly all these things depend on the design and chemical compounds used in the batteries. 


The cells produced by lithium helps in producing 1.5 to 3.7 voltages more than when compared with alkaline batteries. These types of batteries were very useful for users as their ions can move between the cathode and the anode.  Nowadays lithium batteries are used in electronic devices and vehicles range from small size to full size. 

The lithium battery refers as the family of various types of lithium metal chemistries, it also comprises many types of cathodes and electrolyte but when they met with metallic lithium it changes into an anode. The use of lithium batteries in critical devices such as pacemaker and other types of medical devices as these types of devices used special types of lithium iodide batteries. But at the same time in toys, the battery does not last for long periods due to the use of low-cost effective batteries. 

Types of Lithium primary battery 

There are types of primary lithium batteries and all have different use and feature which makes them variant form each other.

Lithium Iron Disulfide (Li-FeS2) 

This Lithium battery is new in the family of primary batteries and it provides much-improved features than the alkaline. The lithium batteries provide voltage up to 3 but Li-FeS2 has 1.5 voltages. But this battery has a higher capacity with lower internal resistance. Due to this feature, it makes load moderate without reaching it to high. This makes battery perfect for digital cameras. It also has other features such as low self-discharge, leakage resistances, can store ambient temperatures for 15 years, and has improved the performances of low temperature. 

Lithium Thionyl Chloride (LiSOCl2 or LTC)

This lithium battery is one of the uneven metal battery. This type of battery perfectly stands on the high heat and strong vibration horizontal which is also known as fracking. LTC batteries generally use in the medical and sensor application. It is one of the most powerful and potent battery. Due to some safety reasons, these type of batteries is not applicable to consumer devices. The battery offers provides the double capacity as one of the best Li-ion and these batteries commonly operators from 00C to 2000 C. 

Lithium Manganese Dioxide (LiMnO2 or Li-M)

Li-M batteries are similar to LTC batteries but it has low capacity and safe to use by common people. The voltage provided by the battery is 3.0 – 3.30 and it has the specific energy which is about to 280 Wh/Kg. the price of the battery is economic and it has a long life. The battery allows a load of moderate but sometimes it can deliver high current. The battery commonly uses for medical devices, road toll sensors, meter sensing, and cameras. The operation range of the battery is from -300C to 600C.

Lithium Sulfur     Dioxide (LiSo2)

It is one of the primary battery having a voltage of 2.8 and its energy density is up to 330Wh/Kg. The battery provides wide ranges of temperature which has a range up from -540C to 710C with this it provides a life for 5 to 10 years. LiSo2 batteries are not very expensive and it is generally used to make military devices. At the time of world war, Iraqi used tons of batteries. 


Lithium primary battery advantages and disadvantages

Lithium batteries have become an essential part of our lifestyle. The primary batteries are also known as non-rechargeable batteries. 

· Primary batteries play a very important role when charging is impractical or impossible and this type of situation arises especially in the military combat, forest fire service, and rescue missions. It is commonly used in the pacemaker for heart patients, in smart meters, electric keys, animal tracking, drill bits in mining, remote control, children toys, as well as in the wristwatch, and as pressure gauges in vehicles.

· It has high energy, instant readiness, and long storage times make primary battery unique. The battery can also carry remote locations and it is used instantly.  Even after the long storage, they are always ready and batteries are environment-friendly at the time of disposing of.

· The most famous type of primary batteries is alkaline. This type of battery has high energy and is cost-effective. The battery is also good for the environment and has sufficient leakage proof even when they get fully discharge. This type of battery can be stored for 10 years. It provides great safety and can be carried in the aircraft. 


· The most and first disadvantage of the primary battery is that they are not highly suitable for high drain applications. They have a short lifetime due to this it cost of continuous replacement. 

· If we talk about energy efficiency primary batteries have uneconomical energy source as they produce only 2% of the power while manufacturing. 

· Primary batteries produce more waste than the rechargeable one. 

Lithium primary battery applications

Primary batteries are the most common type of batteries which are used in the whole world. It provides the long-lasting performance which can be found in many areas such as remote control, pacemaker, radios, clock, and many more things. The primary batteries exist in the different forms and it is a good example for the military grade devices. The battery always has high energy and always designed so that it can consume a low amount of power. The primary battery is environment-friendly and cost-effective. With this, it also has the facility of blocking leakage when it gets fully discharged. The battery provides full safety to the consumers which make it perfect for aircraft and other types of transport.  The high efficiency of energy makes primary battery last long for many years. 

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