How much do you know about a large 18650 battery bank?

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There is no denying that battery technology is changing the world. The shift to green energy is a possibility, thanks to batteries. And now we can for a moment stop worrying about fossil energy and its effects on the environment.

Among the many different types of lithium batteries, 18650 are the most common. They are slightly bigger than the normal AA batteries.

Apart from their size, from which they are named, they are much powerful. Many electric devices like flashlights use these batteries.


What are large 18650 battery banks?

The batteries are rechargeable, a factor that makes them valuable even though they are costly. You don’t need to spend money on buying batteries all the time.

But when it comes to powering larger devices, a single 18650 battery may not have enough capacity and voltage. That is why people arrange them together into packs to increase their power.

Power banks are created by putting together several 18650s. Either spot welding or soldering connect them and enclosed in a casing. A battery management system (BMS) is added to control how they perform.

The size of a battery bank depends on how many 18650s are put in it. They range from a few as two batteries to as many as 20 for large devices.

Large 18650 battery banks can recharge large battery packs. For instance, if you are using an electric bike, a small pack will not carry enough power to recharge.

How to choose a large 18650 battery bank

There are so many 18650 battery banks on the market today. Choosing the right one may be overwhelming, especially if you have never used one before. Here are some tips:

Establish your need

What is the importance of having a power bank? And how big should it be?

You may not have realized it, but 18650 battery banks are the most common on the market. Perhaps you have only seen them for small mobile devices. But they can be used for large things like EVs and electric bikes.

If you want to know how important they are, wait until you find yourself in the middle of nowhere with your e-bike out of power. That is when you will wish you had some extra power stored somewhere.

The power bank serves the same purpose as your money bank; it stores your power. In other words, you have another source of power to charge your batteries.

No matter how powerful your 18650 battery pack is, it can never last forever. Under maximum use, it cannot take you a whole day. And that is where power banks come in.

The good news, a 18650 battery bank can be used for any device. Use if to charge your laptop when you can’t access any other source of power. Or carry it with you in the field when shooting your videos.

Instead of buying many extra batteries, a single large 18659 battery bank will be enough. The importance of such an item only comes eminent when you are in a fix.

Then comes the question for what do you need a power bank? This depends on the device you are using. We already mentioned some of the gadgets that might require you to carry extra power. That should tell you the capacity and voltage of the power bank as well.

The brand

Many brands are manufacturing large 18650 batteries today. Go online and search; you will be shocked to discover how many different options you have.

Read about the brand first from their website. It is vital to check the reputation of the company before purchasing the product. If the reviews are mostly positive, you can go ahead and buy.

Brands like Samsung, LG, and Sony have already established their roots. They are the best power banks, but quite costly as well.


Avoid those cheap products from the Middle East. Most, they just turn out to be disappointments.

But other cheaper products are of high quality. If you can find a large 18650 battery at a cheaper price, put into consideration the brand as well.


The biggest problem in the modern battery market is the issue of fakes. There are several people that make fake power banks. On the outside, it may seem like a product from a genuine company when the inside is filled with fake 18650s.

Some Chinese companies openly sell printed wrappers online. Anyone with basic knowledge can pick any batteries and wrap them before using in the battery bank.

Capacity and Voltage

This brings us back to usage. Understand the total voltage of your device and get a higher power bank. Capacity is abbreviated as mAh and Voltages in V. For instance; if you want to power a 2kW motor, the best battery ban should be 60V and 50A.

How to protect 18650 battery banks

There are several things you can do to protect your 18650 battery banks. Consider the following:

· Get a protective cover. The biggest threat cause damage to battery banks is dropping and scratches. There are good covers that can keep your item safe even when they fall.

· Do overheat. High temperatures destroy batteries. Ensure storing or using the power bank at an optimum temperature.

· Store safely. Avoid storing the battery bank with sharp or magnetic objects.


How to use large 18650 battery bank properly

Using large 18650 battery banks is pretty easy. It is not different from other battery banks. Here is what to do:

· Step 1: Get a quality battery bank. Ensure don’t have a battery bank that has been certified for use.

· Step 2: Charge before use. The work of a power bank is to charge your devices, and for that, you need them fully charged.

· Step 3: Connect your device. Your power bank should come with a USB charging cable. Simply connect it to your device and switch it on.

· Step 4: Leave it until full charge. Do not disrupt the charging process. Be patient until your device is fully charged; it may take a few hours depending on your device. Then you can unplug and store your battery bank in a safe place.

There are a few things to observe for the safety of your devices and yourself. Here are some:

· Do not leave your devices charging unattended. Be there to monitor any issues resulting from temperature rise and similar issues.

· Do overcharge or discharge the battery bank. This destroys the battery cells.

· If you realize the battery bank is faulty and cannot be used, follow proper disposal procedure.

Large 18650 battery banks are great if you know how to use them. Now that you do, you should be able to get the most out of it.

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