How to Charge A Completely Dead Lithium Ion Battery

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Many people still have the confusion either the completely dead batteries can be charged again or not. In the lithium ion batteries, a protection circuit is fitted that will work against such issues. Sometimes the battery gets totally turn off. Keep in mind! You should not worry about it because it is necessary for the safeguard of your battery and it usually happens when the battery gets over recharged. The dead battery is completely a different scenario but anyhow, there are still some ways to handle the dead lithium ion battery. For the complete information, how someone can recharge the dead lithium ion battery, keep on reading the article.

How can you charge your dead lithium ion battery?

Do you still have the confusion how to charge the dead lithium ion battery? Don’t worry we are here with the great research to eliminate your tension. Let us elaborate how you can do so by following some simple and easy to use steps.


Fully recharge your lithium ion battery

If your battery has not contained any charge, it means it has become dead. In this scenario, again fully recharge them will be the easiest and finest way to keep these batteries again in best working conditions. You should wait until the battery will become fully charged to power to boot.

Jump start can be another option

If you are using the lithium ion battery in the car, jump start can be another choice to make the battery start working again. Sometimes your little push can give you success as your car will get started with the little push. If the battery of your car gets down, there is no need to worry; the hard jump start can help you to get rid of such issues. Otherwise, consulting to the mechanics will help you to recharge your battery again.

Repair of lithium ion battery

If both the above ways wouldn’t work to recharge your dead battery again, repairing will be the last option to get your battery in fully working condition. You should wait until the battery gets fully charged and repaired. After that, you will be allowed to use the battery as you were using before.

Is there any way to revive a lithium ion battery?

Keep in mind! Having the lithium ion battery is not enough. You must aware of all the facts about these batteries. How fast you can handle the issues of lithium ion batteries depends on how deeply you know about it. If somehow, your battery will get dead, there is no need to dispose of directly rather you must apply several ways. Sometimes these ways prove to be beneficial enough and can enhance the life span of your lithium ion battery by charge them again. Let us have a closer look how these ways work.

You should know how to read the voltage

Never confuse the sleeping and dead batteries. Sometimes due to the excess of drain of the batteries, the efficiency of your battery will affect and it can go in the sleep mode. We suggest you to read the voltage of the lithium ion battery to know the right problem.

The use of the high quality charger can save your battery

If the battery has become completely dead, you must use the appropriate charger to charge it again. When you will use the high quality of charger, it will charge your lithium ion battery in a best way as it will remain charged for so long. And after the charge, you will be able to use the battery in the particular appliances. Both of them are the easiest ways to charge the dead lithium ion batteries. You must implement them if your battery is becoming dead.

How to protect a lithium ion battery

There could be a lot of ways that can used to protect the lithium ion batteries. One must follow the precautionary measures that will provide them the chance to get rid of the dead lithium ion batteries. Are you curious to know how you can protect the lithium ion batteries? Try to consider these things.

Never over charge

Before charging the lithium ion batteries, one must know the exact amperes to charge them. You should not charge them over a particular Amp. If you will go higher than limit, your battery can get damage and can even cause explosion. You should avoid the explosion by avoiding over charging of lithium ion batteries. Do you know, what is the simplest way to prevent your battery from over charging? Using a battery protection circuit can be the best choice in this scenario.


Never discharge them too quickly

Are you worried about the dead lithium ion battery? Keep in mind, the discharging too quickly can be the main reason for the dead lithium ion battery. You must know the discharge current rating of the lithium ion batteries if you wish to get rid of this issue. Similarly, sometimes over discharge of the lithium ion battery also becomes the source to dead the lithium ion battery. To avoid this, battery protection circuit can save your battery by taking off the battery from the circuit.

Keeping the battery safety is not so difficult. You just need to take care of smaller things that may affect the efficiency of the lithium ion battery

Bottom line: is there any way to charge a completely dead lithium ion battery?

Ofcourse yes! In this modern age the battery repairers have found the unique ways to charge the lithium ion batteries. You should choose the lithium ion batteries for the number of appliances without any worry because these are fully rechargeable. The main reason to choose the lithium ion batteries is its higher capacity. Moreover, it shows the lower discharge, needs less time to recharge and its number of cycles are comparatively higher. We suggest you to follow the ways to charge the dead lithium ion battery but keep in mind! Never over charge the battery because it will always be harmful.

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