BMS Module-Definition, Reset and Test

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BMS stands for a battery management system. It is an electronic regulator that is designed to control or monitor the charging and to discharge of batteries. Different types of BMS are used in various devices that require rechargeable batteries. For instance, they are used in data centers to help keep the servers online 24/7. On top of that, electric cars and portable devices like smartphones also make use of the DMS. Let us look into an in-depth definition of a DBMS module.

A BMS is packed with other small systems that help it operate well. These systems help in monitoring, communication, Energy recovery, protection and optimization. All these functions are important when it comes to the management of a battery. This system is able to gather data from every single sell and pass it to the next function with feedback. IF certain conditions are not achieved, then the system will try everything in its position to balance it. Some systems are very advanced, and they can control other systems that consume a lot of energy.

A BMS module is available in different versions to serve the designated devices. Besides that, there are other measures taken to ensure that it is testing as intended so as it cannot tamper with the charging and discharging of your device. These maintenance activities include BMS resetting, testing and replacement.

What is a BMS module?

It refers to an electronic system that monitors and makes sure the battery is operating in its safe area by calculating secondary and reporting this data to control its environment. A safe operating are of a battery refers to the conditions such as current and voltage that a battery can operate without causing self-damage.

A data communication bus is attached to a battery pack hence making it smart. It must be charged using a smart battery charger so that data can be gathered. Various items that are monitored by the BMS include:

  • Voltage

  • Temperature

  • State of safety

  • State of power

  • Current

  • Coolant flow

A BMS module also consists of thermal management. It can be either passive using liquid or air as the cooling medium. Passive thermal management systems mostly rely on the surrounding air convection or airflow fans. The only setback of using air cooling lies in its inefficiency.  That is a lot of power required to keep the fans active. In addition, it makes your devices weigh more because the cooling system adds some weight.

Liquid cooling, on the other hand, is more efficient because it does not consume a lot of power. Besides, liquid coolants have greater thermal conductivities than air. The thermal management system can be designed to submerge the battery into the coolant or allow it to flow directly without coming into contact.

A BMS also comes with a computation system that calculates values based on items such as charge stored, maximum charge and a minimum charge. Another notable feature of the BMS is the communication system. It communicates internally with a cell level or externally with sophisticated such as an HMI or laptops.


How do you reset a BMS module?

If you have replaced your battery, then you will be required to reset the BMS. But due to the differences in the BMS when it comes to different devices, there is no universal reset procedure. However, resetting modern devices, BMS can be done by a push of a button.

Resetting the BMS helps your device to start monitoring the battery using the correct data. Not resetting can lead to mismanagement of your battery. Hence it will not last for a long period. Whether you are using a laptop or an electric car, then you will be required to reset the BMS module. Because if it continues to usage the old module, then your battery may not last as long as it is supposed to do.

For handheld devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops, you can use software to reset your BMS. Some applications are free, while others are paid. However, they will all serve the same purpose, and that is resetting the BMS.

Different cars have different reset options. Most of them come with a manual that you can use to reset your battery management system. If you cannot find this procedure in the manual, then you will have to find someone with some level of expertise.

If you are using a ford, Lincoln Mazda or mercury vehicles, then you can use a forscan software scanner.  Follow these steps:

I.Connect a USB adapter to both the vehicle and laptop

II.Start FORScan software

III.Turn the key on

IV.Connect FORScan software to vehicle

V.After FORSCan finds all the modules, click on the Wrench Icon.

VI.Click "BdyCM Battery management system  Reset."

VII.Click the Play button on the bottom left.

VIII.Follow the next prompts.

IX.When it's done, click the Stop button.

X.Check/clear any DTCs

XI.Disconnect FORScan from vehicle

How do you test your BMS module?

A faulty BMS can cause battery inefficiency. This is the primary reason why the BMS gets tested. You need to hard reset the BMS before unsoldering it. You can do this by unplugging the white balance harness for a short period before plugging it again. Doing so can also fix all the major issues that you may be experiencing with the BMS. Even those that a soft reset failed.

You also need to test the sense wires of the BMS and confirm whether they have an equal voltage. You can still test plug and play BMS, one that is soldered directly or one with an obsolete. For the test to be done, you will need to unsolder the soldered wire and test it.

The hard case batteries are not hard to remove since they only have a few screws. You need to start unsoldering the white wire then followed by blue, yellow and black. If you have a new BMS, then you can replace it and check if the readings are matching.  Another way that you can know whether the BMS is working or not is by the use of a voltmeter. Use it to measure the voltage of the warm cells have greater voltages which are the main cause of the problem.

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