Can A Car Battery Last 10 Years-Life And Percentage

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It goes without saying that one of the most overlooked parts of any vehicle (be it a car or any other vehicle) is the battery. It is moderately-sized power source block and it is what supplies the ignition system and the starter motor with the electrical current that your vehicle requires for cranking your engine. It even acts as an extra power source during scenarios when the power offered by the alternator is inadequate in order to fulfill increased demands and requirements. It even acts as a great electrical reservoir.

Nevertheless, how crucial a car’s battery is, it is not going to last forever. Therefore, the concern rises – how long does a vehicle battery last or can a car battery last ten years? Do you have these same concerns in your mind? If so, then read on to find out.

How many years does a car battery typically last?

The life of your vehicle battery relies on how long it is capable of holding its charge and being recharged. And once your battery cannot be recharged, it is dead. There are several factors affecting your battery, which include temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors. Under ideal conditions, you can expect your vehicle battery life to be about 6 years.

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On average, a vehicle battery lasts between 2 and 5 years. Are you living in the northern United States? If your answer is yes, then the lifespan battery of your car will be longer. The reason behind it is simple – you’re in a cold climate. On the other hand, warm climate conditions tend to rise damage due to water loss and sulfation.

Without any doubt, proper vehicle battery care significantly enhances your vehicle battery lifespan. The best approach to ensuring that the battery of your car lasts quite a long time is to keep it completely charged. It means that you should not leave the lights on or leave other accessories turned on. Furthermore, ensure that the battery of your car is always checked during regular vehicle maintenance.

Your car’s battery life relies on these two key factors – where you’re living and how well you’re taking care of your vehicle’s battery. If you care properly, however, you should expect getting several years out of the battery, considering you own a diesel-fueled or gasoline-powered vehicle.

If you have a hybrid/electric vehicle, then you can certainly expect to accomplish an outstanding 8 years of vehicle battery life before you need to consider replacing it.


At what percentage should a car battery be replaced?

There is no denying that there would come a stage when you have to replace your car battery. And it’s important to know when you should get your vehicle battery to replace. Those who are wondering about at what percentage should a vehicle battery be replaced relies on what tool you utilize for testing your vehicle battery.

You can consider to replace your vehicle battery when -

  • It is <50 percent measured through a multimeter.

  • It is not capable of keeping the headlights turned on for ten to fifteen minutes.

  • It facilitates the voltage dips below 9.6 V determined through a load tester.

  • It displays the hydrometer range below 1265 applied by the Electrolyte Gravity Test.

There are other warning signs that indicate your vehicle battery needs to be replaced.

  • The battery age – one of the primary indicators that you have to replace your car battery is none another than age. As mentioned before, on average, your vehicle battery lasts 2 to 5 years. And it is getting older, then you should pay attention to how well the battery performs with time.

  • How frequently the vehicle is driven – some batteries are able to last longer and some die very soon and it has to do with how frequently you drive your car. Driving your vehicles charges the battery. And if you take your vehicle out daily, then the battery is probably going to quite much longer as compared to the one in a vehicle that sits utilized for prolonged periods of time.

  • Time taken to start the engine – if your vehicle engine starts turning over more slowly when you intimate it, then it is a sign that the battery is starting to fail. Your dashboard’s lights might turn dim when the vehicle is starting and it is another sign that your battery might need replacement.

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What is the longest life you've gotten out of a car battery?

Well, if you ask car owners, then you’re certain to get different answers. Some will say 5 years, some will say 7 years or some ever will say more than 10 years. The important thing to know is that it depends on the two most key factors, as mentioned above also. And those factors are where you’re living and how well you’re taking care of your car battery.

In fact, irrespective of the temperature you drive your vehicle in, if you take proper care of your vehicle battery, then you can keep it operating for many next years to come. Below are some handy tips to extend the life of your vehicle battery-

  • Switch off every light when you exit – accidentally keeping your car door lights and headlights on put an extreme load on your car’s battery. In order to keep forgetting this, you can post a handy note on your vehicle’s dashboard so that you can remind yourself about switching off all lights before leaving

  • Try controlling the corrosion – the terminals of the battery corrode with time. However, if you keep them clean, then it is a great approach to extend the life of your vehicle battery.

The Final Takeaway!!

Here we have come to the end of this article. We hope that this post has provided all the answers to your concerns related to the car battery lifespan. With proper care, you can certainly extend the lifespan of your car battery!!

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